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  1. golfpros

    Discount on product groups

    To be effective with this product, especially the contributions, you need to learn how to do searches and then spend time reading both the contribution info and the forum comments. The base product plus contributions will allow you to do most anything you want. If it's not there give it time, someone usually adds a contribution if it's a popular request. Contribuitions take time and patience to install, especially if your a non-programmer like me, but they do work and usually work quite well. We have this contribution installed and it works very well for us. Just make sure you never delete the last customer for a group otherwise all the product pricing disappears also and you have to re-enter them (we learned the hard way). We've now set up dummy customers for each product group and have them clearly identified so we don't delete them. See this contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,716
  2. golfpros

    Question on Easy Populate v2.6.1-MS2

    Heather, I've gotten it to work, but it takes a little patience. First if you search for just the v_customer_price_1 you'll find the first find is the one you posted above. Then you should find a couple more that is similiar to the instruction. If you are doing Retail, Distributor, and Wholesale (similar to my setup) all you'll need is v_customer_price_1 and 2. The Retail group uses your product price. You'll also need to look at the following discussion (or do a forum search for my name "golfpros"): http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php...er=asc&start=20 There was error that I put a temp fix in to get it to work and I posted it in that link (if your download is since 8/8 when I posted, they may have fixed it correctly rather than my simple fix). Set up at least one product with all 3 prices through the regular product add in Admin. Then download the code, look it over and find your prices for the product with 3 prices (v_products_price,v_customer_price_1, and v_customer_price_2) you'll also see the group codes (1 for distributor pricing,2 for wholesale or vice-versa). If you have a group price you MUST have a group code. The temp fix above is only testing for group 1. MAKE NO CHANGES and try to load it back up. Note: when you download file and open it in EXCEL it will be in comma delimited format, and all you have to do is click NEXT, NEXT, FINISH to open the file. When you save it, EXCEL will tell you that you'll lose some formating if you save it in comma delimted format, but go ahead and save it. Then just upload it back to the system. With no changes to file, hopefully it will upload correctly. You'll get a bunch of code listed on the page like the following: | R-1000 | | Rope -1/4& | | | 29.95 | 0 | 8/3/08 15: | 0000-00-00 | 0 | | | | | Markers, I | Course Acc | Fairway Pr | | | | | | Taxable Go | Active Updated | TCS-1 | | Spring - f | For high t | | 3.2 | 0 | 8/16/03 0: | 8/15/03 22 | 0 | | | | | Markers, I | Course Acc | Hazard Mar | Original S | | | | | --none-- | Active Updated | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | No products_model field in record. This line was not imported The last line above says it worked. If you got an error the error is usually the last line. To the best of my recollection, that's all I did (but it took me 2 days to figure it out - I'm no good with PHP either, but I do know problem analysis quite well) I'm just starting to add products this week (been busy adding other contributions), but so far everything seems to be working. NOTE: Uploading doesn't delete products, merely updates ones that match. So if you delete a line in the EXCEL spreadsheet, the product is still in the database. Also, if you upload a product with one set of categories, and then change your mind and redo the categories for the product, the product is now in both places and will show up twice the next time you down load the database. Good Luck. Hopes this help. Michael www.GolfPros.ws
  3. golfpros

    easy populate error

    On the assumption that someone always runs into someone elses problem I thought I would post my work around for my previously posted problem in this discussion. Problem was it wouldn't let me upload using the separate pricing contribution. I kept dying with the message "ERROR - v_customer_group_id and v_customer_price must occur in pairs". The problem was I couldn't find an error in the code: if (isset($v_customer_price_1)){ if ($v_customer_group_id_1 == ''){ echo "<font color=red>ERROR - v_customer_group_id and v_customer_price must occur in pairs</font>"; die(); } or the data: completely cleared every field. So I replaced the isset function (which seems to be saying I have data in the $v_customer_price_1 field ) with the following inequality: if ($v_customer_price_1 !=''){ which gives me an error message when it's suppose to. Unfortunately this only checks for the first set of pricing (you can have up to 4) but it really doesn't make too much difference since the upload process is still killed with a sql error if you don't have data in pairs. May not be clean, but it works for me right now until I can see a fix, have more time to permanently fix, and/or a later update works clean on my system. With any luck, I'm the only one that will encounter this error!
  4. golfpros

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Installed code, tested it, and re-opened order. Everything seems to work great. Took about 5 minutes to install and test. Simplest install I've done and much needed! Now if I can just find the time to hook it into the admin rather than doing it by URL, it'll be perfect. Thanks again
  5. golfpros

    easy populate error

    Okay, I've followed the suggestions above and have made all of the changes so that all column headings are now actually in my tables (commented out the ones for contributions I haven't installed). Now I'm getting the following error (using the seperate pricing contribution): File uploaded. Temporary filename: /tmp/phpi9hcEN User filename: EP2003Aug07-1907.txt Size: 16007 | PA710-07 | | Indiv. Sol | | | 14.5 | 0 | 7/3/08 15: | 0000-00-00 | 0 | | | | | Par Aide | Course Acc | Greens Pro | | Taxable Go | Active Updated ERROR - v_customer_group_id and v_customer_price must occur in pairs Not every product has a v_customer_group_id and v_customer_price, but those that do always have both. I even went through and cleared all blank cells just to ensure they were actually clear. It still give me the error. All I've done in downloaded my test db and I'm trying to upload it back with no changes. Any one have an idea? Michael Gilliam
  6. I finally got it working after working on it for 2 days. Then I just ran into a problem today trying to use it with Easy Populate which I'm still researching (that's how I found your entry). Almost all of the errors had more to do with setup on my system and or errors in the database. I believe there was only a couple of small typo errors in the code which may have been corrected by now. Hopefully everything works as planned since I'm going to have to upload a few thousand products in the next few days (provided the vendors send their data to me on time). What specific problems are you having. If I can help I will. Michael Gilliam