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    geomilli reacted to Hade in ### POINTS AND REWARDS MODULE V1.00 ###   
    I've got a fix. I've inserted code which hides the payment selection table if the box is checked, unhiding it when you uncheck.
    It does this dynamically, only when there's enough points to pay for the whole order and I'm very proud of it!
    If anyone wants info on this let me know. Although I won't have chance to do anything until tuesday.
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    geomilli reacted to ssnb in ### POINTS AND REWARDS MODULE V1.00 ###   
    Congrats Deep - the updated code works a treat! Thanks for your support.
    I have one issue - perhaps someone here has already solved it?
    When users select to pay with Paypal (IPN) and tick to use their points, and then hit the continue button, their points are deducted at that stage, without the order having been confirmed. Therefore, if they hit the back button, or change their mind somehow, the points have already been lost...
    I also use a bank transfer payment option, but when this payment option is selected, there is no problem at all.
    Does anyone know how to fix this paypal issue?
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    geomilli reacted to ssnb in ### POINTS AND REWARDS MODULE V1.00 ###   
    Thanks Deep. You are correct, of course. And you have raised a question that is very relevent to many small businesses. How to receive payments!
    I am curious to know what alternative to paypal you would suggest? I have found that having paypal as a payment option has definitely increased sales, so maybe 4% is worth it when you can double your orders. The only working alternatives I know of is to use bank transfer payment (manual, requires customer to "do it later") and using a Credit Card payment option, but then you have to pay merchant and bank fees (at least up to 4%?), so - your suggestion is? I am dying to hear it!
    If they hit the back button etc, the order is still there, yes, but the points are gone. I have stated this clearly on the payment page, so hopefully customers will behave!
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    geomilli reacted to deep-silver in ### POINTS AND REWARDS MODULE V1.00 ###   
    If they hit the back button, or change their mind somehow. or don't even order, the order is still there.
    Paypal (IPN) build in a way that it record the order before sending the customers to paypal, else when the customer mess up with paypal, you got nothing.
    anyway in case of Paypal (IPN) once you choose paypal for your order there is no going back or changing your mind.
    is it a customer friendly idea??? is it worth paying paypal 4.3% out of your order and still give customers points discount???.
    if you a store owner you can process your customers card order without directing them to a third party site, and paying much less then 4.3%.
    You should reconsider the whole idea.
    We give points in order to push and keep our customers with us.
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    geomilli reacted to pctekcomponents in ### POINTS AND REWARDS MODULE V1.00 ###   
    I seem to be having a couple of issues with this contrib.
    The 1st has been mentioned before but i haven't seen a fix for it....
    issue 1....
    Points are being deducted at the checkout confirmation page. If customers change their mind and back out of the checkout they have lost their points.
    issue 2....
    emails don't seem to be sending to customers when points are added to their account via Admin. a message is shown saying the email was sent successfully but the customer never receives it.
    Other than the issues above, everything else seems to be working perfectly.
    Any help on these would be really appreciated.