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  1. Is there a contribution that can restrict the limited number of products they can add in /admin/? It's for the owners of store, not the customers. I want to be able to limit the products for each plans for my hosting company.
  2. tommy916

    USA ePay

    u're using older version, use the latest version.
  3. I have replaced this with: This adds a horizontal rule before each of the top level categories(except the first), splitting the category box up into a more readable list. Hope this helps someone, someday. Tim here is a better code taken from other contribution for horizontal line <hr size=1> give you too much space (ugly) global $tree, $categories_string, $cPath_array, $cat_name, $catcount; /// horizontal line $catcount++; if ($tree[$counter]['level'] == 0 && $catcount > 1){ $categories_string .= '<img src="images/pixel_trans.gif" border="0" alt="" width="100%" height="2"><br><img src="images/pixel_silver.gif" border="0" alt="" width="100%" height="1"><br><img src="images/pixel_trans.gif" border="0" alt="" width="100%" height="2">'; }
  4. I'm looking for contribation that you can turn on or off to display the InfoBoxes that support 2.2MS2 is there any better than this InfoBox Display http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1083
  5. need to add define('TEXT_PRODUCT_METTA_INFO', '<b>Meta Tag Information:</b>'); for admin/includes/languages/english/categories.php
  6. tommy916

    Creating thumbnail images on the fly

    have u tried this http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1689
  7. does anyone know which contribution is this? i can't seem to find it, i don't know what keyword to search for
  8. tommy916

    USA ePay Payment Module?

    download the multioption to add in /catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1523
  9. tommy916

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    forgot to add it seems that /admin/categories.php is a bit different from Milestone 2.2MS2. I'm so totally lost and i have to go compare every lines from the original one.
  10. tommy916

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    can you please add comment (start & end) to the files you edited because I can't keep track which lines you modify when i have other contributions added. Especially the /admin/categories.php Thank you
  11. tommy916

    [Contribution] UPS XML Tracking

    How can I remove some of shipping options? Next Day Air Early AM Next Day Air Next Day Air Saver 2nd Day Air 3 Day Select
  12. tommy916

    admin login interface?

    thanks that what i'm looking for. But what about Windows server? windows don't use .htaccess
  13. tommy916

    USA ePay Payment Module?

    this "tep_cfg_select_multioption" does not exist in any files. When i change it to tep_cfg_select_option, it works fine but it only select one type of credit card. So i leave that blank, and fill out the types.
  14. tommy916

    USA ePay Payment Module?

    *bump* can anyone fix this usaepay?
  15. I'm looking for admin login interface where you enter your username and password on the form box, just like login in email. I am not looking for to make the /admin/ folder to be password protected with .htaccess.