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  1. Herkermer

    BAXGlobal Shipping Module

    p.s. the link I provided above has links to the latest xml and soap tools. Thought it ,ight be useful. Thanks again for the contribution.
  2. Herkermer

    BAXGlobal Shipping Module

    I'm looking to install this mod on CRE pro B2B. I think the install will be the standard trial and error as with all modded installs. If anyone has made this install then any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, I was wondering if the international shipping support been addressed with BAX global yet? I went to the web services page on BAX global : http://www.baxworld.com/WebServices/ratequote.asp and found a lot of useful information, or what appears to be useful information for a developer. Just curious before I begin the daunting install tasks. Thanks in advance!
  3. Herkermer

    Authorization Code Capture - Insert

    I also need this module. The people at Net1 say the zencart version of oscommerce has eft secure support. I'm going to look through the ZenCart payment modules and see if I can find it. UNLESS there is a better solution....then please post it HERE :D
  4. Herkermer

    Batch Order Center Update 1.1

    Great contrib!! Wondering if someone could expand a bit more regarding post#20 of this topic on page one. It refers to correcting an issue with the " country " not showing up in the .pdf output file. Their seems to be sample code for a simple cut-and-paste operation that might fix the problem. I'm not having any luck finding the pre-existing code meant to be replaced. Any help is greatly appreciated. I also am curious as to how the CVV number can be printed. I realize their are different cvv add-ons, since it is one field maybe a generic fix is possible only requiring the downloadee to change the table and field names? I really don't know enough of what I speak so ...I'm finished. Thanks Jason
  5. Herkermer

    Vendor Locator Displayed by Distance

    I have verified the vendor data directly through phpMyadmin. It know the data is present, you just can't see the actual results.
  6. Herkermer

    Vendor Locator Displayed by Distance

    Okay, so I've upgraded an old v1 site to SEC. When I install the contrib evyrthing in the admin seems to be okay. On the Catalog side however, I submit a zip, and the return page shows the number of vendors : Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 vendors) Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 vendors) It's as if the vendor data is designed to reside between these two lines, is this correct? If so, why do the vendors not show up? Any ideas? Much thanks in advance.
  7. Herkermer

    [Contirbution] Batch Order Center

    Okay so I've e-mailed the contributor to no avail.....PLEASE HELP
  8. Hi all, I've recently added the Batch Order Center contribution to a MS2 install and am excited about the time this contrib will save the order department. My problem though, I'm a newbie and when I run the batch program from the admin side, it seems to work but the resulting pdf looks like: So there is an obvious layout issue here....I just can't wrap my brain around a fix. I've looked through the forums and find little to no reference to this contribution, either I've picked the wrong contribution to add or I have no clue how to search correctly. Willing to admit either! Extreme thanks, Jason