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  1. can anyone tell me where I can change the text that says: Non-defective products are subject to a 12.5% re-stocking fee. All returned products are evaluated thoroughly before a final decision is made. , couldn't find where the 12.5% was stored. Thanks !
  2. Hello, It's been quite awhile since i updated my authorize.net modules, so i'm not sure if this has been resolved. You guys know that it was/is a hassle to get authorize.net to work, so i hope you understand why i haven't tinkered w/ it! However, coupons don't work w/ the authorize.net module. The value sent is the price w/o the coupon applied (whereas if paying w/ paypal, it will work right). Has anyone gotten authorize.net to work w/ the coupons, and what did you do? thanks!
  3. I sort my categories by product because each product has multiple applications. Is there a contribution that will give a description of each product within the category (just before clicking on the actual prodcut)? Example: Theres 20 applications for a car exhaust, but the exhaust is essentially the same for each application, so 20 different descriptions isn't neccessary. If people could read about what it is before finding their application, it would be more helpful.
  4. Hi, I'm having a problem where i can't update products w/ easy populate. Such as moving them to different categories. Instead, upon "update" the product is being duplicated instead of being physically moved. I'm not sure what is wrong, but i know its not a model # problem.
  5. luder1

    Price Updater

    it worked fine for me. try going back and redoing the installation. if the author is reading this: i think a great addition to this would have it so we can update the price of individual products as well. Show a list of all products, and be able to enter new prices in.
  6. luder1

    QuickBooks Contrib

    Hi JB, The link you posted worked great, however, i was not able to get Adam's php file to work. I think the biggest problem is that to a quickbooks newbie, setting up the php file correctly is hard. However, if you just insert your taxv_test.zip iif file into quickbooks, it will create all the accounts that are not there. I then began to change them accordingly. I couldn't do this w/ adam's php file, it just crashes. Thanks for your help. Does this taxv_test.zip php file have anything that isn't included in adam's version? Tim
  7. luder1

    QuickBooks Contrib

    To the top in hopes that someone answers this.
  8. luder1

    QuickBooks Contrib

    I installed the TAX version but to no avail, i could not get it to work on quickbooks 2003 pro. It just crashes. However, i changed the quick_if_sale.php w/ the NO TAX version and that was able to import with no problem. It seems that the TAX version doesn't write the IIF file correctly. Either that or its structure is very different than from the NO TAX version. Any ideas how to get it to work? (the tax version)
  9. Thanks for the tip. To change this, i actually went to my sql databse w/ php admin and changed the "order status" table. I changed "delivered" to "Shipped" and this seems to work fine.
  10. Hi guys, My customers actually get confused when i change the status of their product to delivered. They think that somethings wrong because they haven't received it. is there a way to change delivered to shipped?
  11. luder1

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    has anyone seen this error from UPS ? This module supports only xpci version 1.0001 of the UPS Tracking Interface. Please contact the webmaster for additional assistance. that's found when a user clicks on "track".
  12. thanks for that fix. i can edit people's accounts now!
  13. i have a similar problem where the customer's info is messed up (state, zip code, address all wrong) and it happened when i installed the contrib which lets me manually create an order.
  14. i love this mod. i've been searching for it for so long. thanks!
  15. i'm having this problem, has anyone fixed it yet?