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    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    At the moment I have both the exact category page indexed as well as the same page with the products_id in the URL So for example http://www.xyz.com/categorypage-c-77.html - the main category page http://www.xyz.com/categorypage-c-77.html?products_id=538 - the extra page with a product id showing. I think I am right in thinking that a product id doesn't need to be shown on a category page. http://www.xyz.com/categorypage.html?products_id=538
  2. adambeaumont

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    Thanks for the plugin, working excellently except a few issues I am experiencing: On category and product pages Google is indexing the page url + productsid example: Category http://www.xyz.com/categorypage.html?products_id=538 I have used the canonical plugin to fix the product page but cannot fix the categories. I now have duplicate content and half of indexed urls that don't make sense. Any advice??
  3. I am having an issue with this add-on. Google Webmaster tools states that the website contains over 100 duplicate titles. I look further and it is down to each product being indexed 3 times for the number of tabs so .com?_escaped_fragment_=tab2 .com?_escaped_fragment_=tab3 Where is this getting indexed, I believe this is causing SEO problems, Can you please look and advise.
  4. adambeaumont

    Problems with default language

    Did you ever find the solution to this problem, I am having the same issues - the language which is not default only changes for that specific page i.e. Spanish person has english browser ---- default language is english ---- Spanish person changes to Spanish ---Language now = Spanish ----Changes the page - reverts back to English... any help....
  5. I had the exact same problem but if you install the install by djmatrix (sitemap.index.php)http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3439 that worked for me. hope it does the same for you..