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  1. nismox, I'm having alof of troubles with directories that are different of /catalog in 2 oscommerce installs, i had to change it because "catalog" doesn't make sense in my local language, but i sugest you to use /catalog if u can or any other directory at least, insted root dir. It will be easier in the future installing another contributions if you don't know much php scripting. btw your problem looks like the same of my site. :/ Sorry, can't help you more :( Fabio
  2. I'm still trying to make this sh** to work, but in your case it looks simple. just go to your admin and look for the configure.php file, your FS "real file system path" like /home/whatever/public_html seems to be wrong. it isn't /home/xxxxx/public_html/shop/ right ?? hope it helps, if not you should pay for this crap or try another contribution, because there's no support on it anymore :/ Fabio
  3. Guys, i installed EP 2.76c sucessfully under my store, and now i'm doing a new store, but i'm having trouble when i access easy populate via admin, here is the error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_db_connect() (previously declared in /webpoint/epuros/admin/includes/functions/database.php:13) in /webpoint/epuros/admin/includes/functions/database.php on line 13 yes i checked the file, and it's allright. the FS_DIR is: /u/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/webpoint/epuros/ i checked admin configure.php and the server is declared well. so the store is working. Important: it doesn't have english language installed at all too. does it matter ? the store is installed in account root. if someone can help me ... :/ i never saw that error before and can't find it on forum also. Thanks Fabio
  4. man, looks like we both have the same problem.. I dunno what's wrong.. Did u try to put all store setting on imagemagic ? mine crashes all the store.. also, my home dir isn't ./catalog, it's ./lojavirtual, but it seems to be correct on configure and imagemagic. I'm sorry to tell ya, but this contribution theread looks like abandoned. :/ nobody helps, just ask for help and get no answers :/ ... i'm waiting for some tips for a few days :( Fabio
  5. I have it installed using the readme.html instructions, but doesn't work at all and messed with 2 images on top of admin page (cart and oscommerce logo). Any sugestions ? my store is at www.slaveinformatica.com.br/lojavirtual Fabio
  6. Hi guys, i'm planning to install easy populate on my store, but really don't know wich version should i get.. i read alot of messages here and saw a few bugs, but i don't have separete price per customer or other contribs like this installed. Can someone point me wich one to get ?? i saw in the contribs download area: DON'T GET THIS, GET THIS, GET XYZ ... so i'm really confused. ... Hope to get a quickly answer :D ... have 2,000+ products awaiting :) Fabio