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    ShaGGy reacted to burt in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    This is precisely how I saw it. No change to addons as they are already done, but certain people who produce quality work get a Certified badge.
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    ShaGGy reacted to GLWalker in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    I think there are a lot of opinions on what certified developers could mean. When I think about it, I don't feel as if it should be a requirement for submitting an addon, Anyone should still be able to write and submit an addon.
    I think of it more in terms that if you are certified, then that is something you can use to show the public that you know what you are doing with osCommerce code and they can have confidence in dealing with you on a commercial basis.
    A lot of things could define that certification, and if you/your dev company starts to do sloppy work, there could be a revocation of your certification.
    It would also help to have that little badge in the addons as well. Rather than have to click on @@Jack_mcs username and see a list of his downloads after I first find one of his downloads so I can click the name, I can just "sort by certified" and there are all his addons in the list.
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    ShaGGy reacted to Jack_mcs in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    Those are all written by Harold. It's easy to be certified when you are the one doing the certifying. :)
    If this were to become reality, then the practice of having open addons, where anyone can upload, would have to stop. Or only the uploads uploaded by the certified programmer would be marked as certified. That would probably cause updates to slow or be stopped.
    This idea,or something similar has been proposed before. If it could be made to work, it would be great. But the question of who will certify the addons has always been a problem. To that end, I hereby put my vote in for Gary. :P
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    ShaGGy reacted to BrockleyJohn in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    Colon would also need to be encoded for a valid url. If you want to avoid the need to encode anywhere, you have to choose from specifically unreserved characters: a-zA-Z0-9\-._~
    see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23064605/when-if-ever-should-characters-like-and-curly-braces-be-percent-encoded
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    ShaGGy reacted to MrPhil in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    I found this, which suggests that PHP at some point will attempt to evaluate {x} as x: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2596837/curly-braces-in-string-in-php . I don't know if this is formally defined anywhere between Apache, browsers, and PHP, but it may be something that slipped between the cracks, and depends on who exactly wrote what software subsystem!
    If the authors really want to end up with a string that contains "{x}", it might be prudent to URLencode it before letting it loose into URL parameter passing. That is, { and } would be replaced by %7B and %7D.
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    ShaGGy reacted to Harald Ponce de Leon in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    A compatibility module can easily be developed that define the legacy constants that have been removed.
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    ShaGGy reacted to tedbooks in [Contribution] osc2ebay - oscommerce to ebay synchronization   
    i have used it with 2..3.1. with the basic necessary modification . I have also developed a complete ebay management tools for the admin section based on this addon, which i am testing now. it can do almost everything. add feedback, answer emails, adding eBay orders to the shop and a lot more. almost everything that you can do from ebay.
    i will release it soon for testing