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  1. ShaGGy

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @@Tsimi in addition to my post above I have just noticed if I adjust qty up or down it updates and if i set qty to zero it removes it which is working using the product_id only. If I use the remove item on the line it then includes the {XX} after the products_id example = shopping_cart.php?products_id=29{txt_6}&action=remove_product I think the remove function in application top needs modifying to allow for the {XX} for item that have attributes? Apart from this the addon appears to be working fine.
  2. ShaGGy

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    I tried his also with same results on @@fotogaaf site if you add two items then remove one the one disapears but then when you remove the remaining one the first reappears :) this appears to be installed incorrectly somewhere.
  3. ShaGGy

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Remove all works fine on mine. I only have issue with any item that has an attribute attached to it (does not need to have attribute added to it in cart just the item has a attribute assigned in admin) If it had No attributes it will update qty and remove as it should. If it has a attribute it will update qty but will not remove. I noticed that the remover url contains contains products_id=xx{xx} and does not work but items that have no attributes use url products_id=xx (it appears it has something to do with the {xx} part? Also tried removing {xx} from basket in database but it still inserted it so it appears to be getting the url from the session?
  4. ShaGGy

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Keep in mind the new edge no longer supports filenames.php and the shopping_cart.php is now stripped out and you need to install the module for shopping cart http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9466 My installl is the newest edge release.
  5. ShaGGy

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Having a small issue with the cart when updating qty or removing it appears that the remove function is trying to remove or update the url it is trying to process is shopping_cart.php?products_id=29{txt_6}testing&action=remove_product this only happens where (i have only used text part) their is a attribute attached to the item If I add an item to the cart that does not have any attribute the remove button works and I think it is related to the ... {txt_6}testing ... it adds in the url (and session) any suggestions?
  6. ShaGGy

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Just tried it in Edge and works fine
  7. ShaGGy

    Modular Shopping Cart

    Not sure if this is a change in EDGE since you released this or not but there appears to ne filenames.php file in the new edge i downloaded from github and none of the files included in the package refer to FILENAME_XXX as they have always done in OSC. Is this an oversight on your part or has whoever updated the new EDGE to no longer use filenames.php (which it appears to be the case).
  8. can anyone tell me how i can add a parameter to the Orders In-Progress list What I mean is the Orders In-Progress stores the customer date time firstname lastname and total I would also like to store another field from the customers table along with the above so when selected from the list this variable is included. (I am in the progress of getting SPPC with QTY price breaks working) and have it mostly working (in a hacked way) thanks in advance
  9. ShaGGy

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    where is $cd_id set ? I have 5 groups and the default $cg_id is 0 I want to change this to another number as default so when a customer is not logged in they see the default group i set as default. I have tried function get_customer_group_id() { if (isset($_SESSION['sppc_customer_group_id']) && $_SESSION['sppc_customer_group_id'] != '0') { $_cg_id = $_SESSION['sppc_customer_group_id']; } else { $_cg_id = 5; } return $_cg_id; } in both PriceFormatterStore.php and PricFormatter.php but this does not appear to have any affect?
  10. ShaGGy

    [Addon] Shopping List

    Yes that was what i was confused about there seemed to be two things doing the same :)
  11. ShaGGy

    [Addon] Shopping List

    Hi Jim, any luck with the qty not updating? I have tried fixing it myself but couldnt get it working.
  12. ShaGGy

    [Addon] Shopping List

    @@kymation Jim Nice module but think i have found a bug? if you update qty in the shopping list it does not appear to update the table (if I manually alter the qty in the table it reads the correct qty) just the update does not appear to do anything, also the products_name is not being populated in the shopping_lists_products table.
  13. thanks @@raiwa tried || substr(basename($PHP_SELF), 0, 6) == 'search' but seems to ignore it ? but if i disable ajax (for all mobile site) in the admin it then works? is the line above correct.
  14. @@raiwa Is there a way to stop the caching ? The reason is I have modified the search.php to auto focus on the search box (which then pops up the keypad automatically on a mobile) but the focus does not work unless you refresh the page. The code I am using is <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $('#keywords').focus(); }) </script> I have tried various variations to get the focus to work but in all cases it will only focus after a refresh. Any suggestions on how to get this to work with the need to refresh?
  15. Jus to add general.php line is header('Location: ' . $url); header.php is <meta charset="<?php echo ((CHARSET == 'utf-8')? CHARSET : MOBILE_CHARSET); ?>" />