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  1. Brown Knight

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    I have done a clean install of osCommerce and then installed this module. I go into the admin, install the module. then i go to the catalog area and add an item to the card and loginl. going to checkout there is nothing showing google as the checkout module any ideas?
  2. do you have an ssl cert installed?
  3. Brown Knight

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    the way the system works, for adding products and attributes is a three step process, so understanding that is how you will understand how attributes and ep work together. looking in the catalog/admin for attributes, you see you have to do it in steps, and thus ep has to do it the same way. kind of a pain tying it all together, if you click on the attribute you want in the ep file for your product, it makes the attribute active. you can even setup drop down boxes, etc at the same time
  4. Brown Knight

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    what do you have for php version in admin/tools/server info? and just because you are on a dedicated, does not mean the host does not upgrade php.
  5. Brown Knight

    How to process credit cards.

    you need to get a merchant account, your bank should be able to point you in the right direction. most likely you will be going through nova, etc.
  6. Brown Knight

    Easy Populate problems ;-(

    the easy populate support thread has great answwers
  7. Brown Knight

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    i would bet your host changed your php version to 5, look for the php 5 fix. to check, go to tools/server info in store/admin you do not need to download to add products. many people download and then reupload, just use easy populate for what it was designed for, to upload products to your site. keep multiple files, make it easier on yourself. one file for eacy manufacturer or category.
  8. Brown Knight

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    bingo, that would be the problem!
  9. Brown Knight

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    set it back to default, use the \ where you have quotes, etc. as you may have more mangled up code than what it is worth.
  10. Brown Knight


    found what happened, dont know why though. download had been reset to false, it needs to be true.
  11. Brown Knight

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    define('DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT', $DOCUMENT_ROOT); no tick marks around document_root
  12. Brown Knight

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    i always use $DOCUMENT_ROOT, without knowing the full path makes it tough to say what to do.
  13. Brown Knight


    I have been using CCGV for awhile, and when people ordered a gift cert, there was no problem with the checkout, etc. Now, they are being charged shiping. I am using table rates, have been for quite some time. what can I do to fix this?
  14. Brown Knight


    sounds like you have something different added, i do not get the 'send a givt voucher' if the balance is zero
  15. Brown Knight

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    post your configure.php file, also what your temp file setting is in your easypopulate.php file, what version of php you are using.