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  1. dawnmariegifts

    [Contribution] Availability

    Hi, great contribution......Thanks! Would it be possible to show the product when it is marked out of stock by the admin and have the add to cart button grayed out and the availabillity option to say out of stock. As it is, if I mark the item out of stock, it shows product not found on the catalog side. Thank you.
  2. dawnmariegifts

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Yup! That did it, great job and; Thanks for your contribution.
  3. dawnmariegifts

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Hi thanks for the update. Just installed v3.3 and all works fine except when I click on an ip address instead of taking me to dns stuff it takes me to my custom not found page! other than that all seems to work just fine. any ideas? Thanks P.S. This is how the link looks when I hover my cursor over an ip address http://www.mysite.com/myadmin/%3C http://www.showmyip.com/?ip=> old way was: http://www.showmyip.com/?ip= so it looks like I need remove the first part but not sure how.
  4. dawnmariegifts

    Links Manager II

    Yup! Thats exactly what I did...... Got it all strait now. Thanks for your help Jack.
  5. dawnmariegifts

    Links Manager II

    Hi. Please take a look at the screenshot; I'm trying to align it left to match my template. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank.
  6. dawnmariegifts

    Links Manager II

    Thanks Jack, I actually fixed it by removing require left column and require right column since they are being called from the header anyways. It's working great now. I do have a cosmetic problem, but I'll put it in a new post so we can close this issue. Again Thanks a bunch!
  7. dawnmariegifts

    Links Manager II

    Hi I have just installed v1.17 and everything seems to be working just fine on the admin side, however on my catalog side all I get is the fllowing error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_show_category() (previously declared in /home/private/public_html/private/includes/header.php:182) in /home/private/public_html/private/includes/boxes/categories.php on line 13 I have gone thru the installation 4 times already. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this! Thanks...
  8. dawnmariegifts

    family 3.0 problems

    Hi, Great script thanks to the originator and all who has worked on it..... Everything seems to be working just fine. No problems installing it or using it! Just one question though, does anyone know if it is possible to show all the products in a family? The way I have it, it is using the new products module on the main page, I have this set to show 9 products. I would like to have the family product show all the products in the family, in my case usualy around 15 products per line. Does anyone know how to make the family product module on the catalog side to display all the products in that family. Thanks.
  9. Hello and thanks to all who worked on this contribution. I just Istalled froogle_bizrate_yahoo_feeds_1_1 and everything seem to be installed properly my admin side works everything is there however when I run the froogle feed which is the one I have a subcription to I get the following message: Warning: fopen(/home/***/public_htmlfeeds/frooglefile.xml): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/***/public_html/aaa/admin/froogle.php on line 305 I see that in the first line there is a forward slash missing...does anyone know how to corect this. Thanks!