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  1. Copperman

    Super Contact us enhancement 1.0

    Ahoi Folks, installed it in a heavy modded store - works fine and perfect. :thumbsup: THX to the coder(s) :D ! RegarTZ Franz
  2. Ahoi, after installing without any problem and putting all codes as described we got no datas from osCommerce-Sellings into the Googla Analytics. Conversion rates are set (some), also a pipe from checkout.php to checkout_success.php (etc.). But - no Datas. Thx and RegardZ Franz
  3. Ahoi @ all, wonderful contrib - works without problems ('til now ;)) Regards Franz
  4. Copperman

    Google Analytics module

    Ahoi, i just added a hardcoded-section in the admin to access the Google-Analytics from there: '<a href="https://www.google.com/analytics/home/report?" target="_blank"class="menuBoxContentLink">' . "GoOgLe-Anal" . '</a><br>' . Put this somewhere in the catalog/admin/includes/boxes/report.php (or somewhere else you like it to appear) and - thats it. B) Maybe someone can put this option (maybe with showing inner the admin gui) into osCommerce conform code. Regards Franz
  5. Copperman

    Home or Business Customer Support Forum

    Ahoi, for what version of osc is your contrib ? i saw the gender markings (just flushing over), but these are included in the latest contrib.. Regards Franz
  6. Copperman

    [Contribution]Skype Contact

    Ahoi, my skype-box worked well (www.eu-goldimport.de) - but in the admin-Section there is no entry. Thx & RegardZ Franz
  7. Copperman

    Experiencies it GoldEx

    AHoi folks, i tried to participate with the GoldEx.org due to the new GoldEx ePayment-Module. Sounds good to get money from s.... Paypal witout a account there (had a business account since 1999 but closed it because too many users can simply refund their money after recieving the items :angry: . But i am still waiting for the confirmaton mail :-" btw: has anyone done a job with this site/Org and some experiences ? Thx 4 answers Frank