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  1. macki

    CyberSource payment module

    it's really strange as i can compile it without problems. Which version of ics sdk do you have? What i use is something called sdk_c_linux_ics3.4.12 with libics2.a not libics.a and below i see ics-2.0 in your path. Please check the SDK version and try to compile SDK test programs. (for example /sample/icstest/) by running make in that directory Thanks Peter
  2. macki

    CyberSource payment module

    IMPORTANT --------------------------------------------------------------- Hi All, I wasn't monitoring this thread that's why i haven't answered earlier. You're right with the key path - the key path (ICSPATH) should point to one directory up so i keys are in /var/www/html/keys it should point to /var/www/html the ICS application path should point TO THE EXECUTABLE file for example /var/www/html/bin/icscard generating keys - download cybersource SDK and run ecert application included with it this goes like below ./ecert merchant_id -path /var/www/html/keys this will put generated keys in the directory specified on the command line or similar Hope this helps! Thanks Piotr Kaminski
  3. macki

    Abandoned Carts

    There's an error in date formatting, function cart_date_short is: $day = (int)substr($raw_date, 5, 2); should be: $day = (int)substr($raw_date, 6, 2); in the original version you would get wrong dates (day is calculated from last digit of the month and first of the day) Piotr Kaminski
  4. I developed a CyberSource payment module. It's available here. This module was tested using test transactions and test cc numbers. Because of the way the CyberSource gateway works (proprietary communication protocol), I had to use an external C interface application. Because of this, the module is not very easy to install if you don't have SSH access and some basic knowlegde of linux. I included a doc.html file with the instructions and I'm available for any questions regarding this module. If you experience problems with it, please let me know. This thread is the best place to post questions. Piotr Kaminski
  5. $tod_amount = $this->calculate_tax_deduction($order_total, $od_amount, $this->calculate_tax); $od_amount = $this->calculate_credit($order_total); -> tod_amount is not used 'value' => $sod_amount); -> where is $sod_amount declared? I can't find it. not in ot_gv.php Piotr Kaminski
  6. macki

    Links Manager Question

    It's real!! Point you browser to www.whatever.com. I was redirected to www.beargear.com. Cool! :lol: Regards, Piotr
  7. this text is in README file in two places, the same, so just ignore the second place where the author wants you to replace default: if ($rows > 0) { [.....] with something else That's why you couldn't find it. You've just changed it before :wink: Regards, Piotr
  8. Two files were broken. Fixed version available. Piotr Kamiński
  9. This module will put items into packages according to their weight and defined maximum weight. With this module: - you can define maximum shipping weight - it won't allow to ship an item > maximum weight - it divides items into packages, trying to fill them if it's possible. For example if you have maximum weight 10kg and your client ordered 3 items each 4kg, he will get two packages: #1 8kg, and #2 4kg - it allows you to define the number of zones through admin The alogrithm used for dividing is a modified version of "giving a change" recurring algorithm with notes=weights and number of each note=quantity of weights. Try it out! http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1490 Piotr Kamiński macki@web-tec.pl ps. If you like it, please donate: https://ssl.allpay.pl customer id=1098