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  1. Ascii


    Thanx for the advice Matti No, I already have include ('easypopulate_functions.php'); specified in easypopulate_functions.php As a matter of interst, what do you use to upload and update your stock? Sure you dont use the OSC catagory/product screen? Its cool for editing spesific products but time consuming adding 1000 stock items ...
  2. Morning Guys, Are anybody able to decypher the above error? I followed the simple 3 step install procedure and now getting this error when uploading the txt file. I am running on OSC 2.2.2 and EP 2.74 If you would like me to post the contents of spesific files, pls advise which. Once again, tnx for all the efforts and assistance.
  3. Ascii

    EasyPopulate 2.71-MS2

    :( I double checked the installation procedure. It is pretty straight forward ... copy the two files to /admin/ - configure the config file and add the link to admin ... I'm thinking it might be some compatibility issue. I even tried using the easypopulate version currently installed on my "active" website. I have also tried Easypopulate 2.74 My "new" (inactive) website is running on OSC 2.2.2 (http://test.trial.co.za) Please help :unsure:
  4. I have installed EasyPopulate 2.71-MS2 on OSCMS2.2 and now getting the following error when importing data: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_copy_uploaded_file() in /usr/www/users/test/catalog/admin/easypopulate.php on line 634 Below I have pasted line 634 of easypopulate.php Any advise ??
  5. Ascii

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    Thank you for the suggestion, but if I understand this correctly, products in the wishlist should now be sorted according to the date these products were added to the database via admin and NOT the date the products were added to the wishlist - which is indeed what I want. My guess is that I should add an additional column to the wishlist table which will host the date and time products were added to the wishlist and then sort order according to that particular table table ???
  6. Ascii

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    Currently the wishlist content is by default sorted alphabeticaly. Would anybody perhaps know what needs to change in order to sort the items in the wishlist per date added ? If possible for both the infobox and the main wishlist. Any suggestions would be appreciated. PS: A big thank you to the developers - this is indeed one of the best contributions.
  7. Ascii

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    My prayers were answered !!! The following solved my problem. I had troubles adding to my wishlist. Products were added to the shopping cart instead of the wishlist when clicking on wishlist. Brilliant guys, thanx to everybody that helped me ... :D :D :D
  8. Ascii

    Easy Pupulate Install Problem

    change echo FILENAME ': ' . $localfile . "<br>"; to echo FILENAME . ': ' . $localfile . "<br>"; (Note the fullstop after "FILENAME" - This worked for me)
  9. Ascii

    Easy Pupulate Install Problem

    Hi Alton, this file is only present under OSC 2.2MS2. Good Luck
  10. Ascii

    Easy Pupulate Install Problem

    Thanx Bigfanboy ... I had the same and your suggestion for the "." worked ... shot ! ;)
  11. Good morning Everybody, What I discovered was that when I disable either of Discount Coupons or Voucher in the payment module the other seem to work. In other words. I have disabled the coupon selection. When I now issue a voucher to a spesific user he is able to redeem it without a problem. Seems like some kind of conflict ? :( Good luck to the PHP guru's in figuring this one out. Another question. When using the voucher system and having a voucher as a stock item ... is it suppose to automatically be added to a clients voucher account when he purchase a voucher or must I manually "send" him the voucher. Currently a voucher purchase is passed to a peding sale as normal .... and I manually mail hinm the voucher from voucher admin. Looking forward to feedback ...
  12. Hi there Ian, I think I experience the same as "Waza04". What did you suggest him to do ? My shoppers are able to redeem their vouchers and add the voucher ammount to their voucher account displayed in the shopping cart - be it by the redeem link in the E-Mail or be it at checkout by entering the redeem code. However, nowehere can we find a "checkbox" which will enable them to utilise their voucher funds. :(
  13. :( Has anybody else experience something similar? Although I am able to E-Mail the shopper a voucher and he is able to redeem the voucher, the voucher is only added to his voucher account. On checkout their is no "box" to check that will enable him to pay with his voucher. He do have the option to enter his voucher number, but yet again - it only adds to his voucher account. This leaves the shopper with no option of "using" his voucher. He can only E-mail it to somebody else :unsure: The funny thing is. When I just finished the installation and tried it for the very first time, I was able to tick the so called box. But when I tried again - their was no box :( Anybody ?
  14. Hi guys, which of the patches, upgrades, installs, fixes etc is the correct link to click on for the latest, and most ironed out "additional image contribution"? I am still using 2.2MS1. Any pointers in this regard would be appreciated. I really need this contribution and hope that it would be part of the final release. A BIG thanx to everybody that obviously has more brains than myself for sorting out all the error msgs. ;)
  15. Ascii

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi Everybody, indeed a great contribution. However, for some reason the generated E-mail arrives at the recipient (buyer) as a one paragraph text E-mail... I noticed the "/n" which I take is suppose to intoduce the line-breaks, but is not happening. Also, how would I "generate" a HTML response to my clients ? Hope to have a response soon ... Once again, thanx for the great work.