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  1. Drew

    Switch Card Contribution

    Hi Kerstin, I've been having exactly the same problems - went through the install instructions, used the new validation file, but when I tried to install, it wouldn't give this green light thing. I've been trying a different module as well - "cvv_issue", but this isn't working either, as I get "Credit Card Error" every time. Also, with cvv_issue it doesn't ask for "Start Date", which I think the other one does. Ideally, for the setup I need, all it would do is ask for the cardholder's name, card number, start date, expiry date, cvv number and issue number - without validating the card number as this could be done at the time of swiping. If there's a problem with the number the customer could be contacted and the problem rectified that way. With the card number being validated by osC you also have to keep the validation file up to date with the latest numbers being issued. Don't get me wrong - I'm not griping, by any means. I just think that a very simple mod to do the above would be ideal. I'm still finding my way around PHP and MySQL, and if I could do it myself I would. Does anyone know how to turn off the card number validation in either Switch 1.6 or cvv_issue so that they'll just return that the card is valid?? Thanks muchos, :) Drew
  2. Drew

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hi Guys, Hope you don't mind if I join in the thread here. I've put together a site for a guy who's now wanting to use HSBC for payments. Looking back over what's been said here it looks to be one big headache. One thing I thought about was seeing if Jose could "do me a deal" to install it for me, as when it comes to this side of things I'm just a tad out of my depth, to be honest. I sent him a PM a few days ago, but haven't heard back - I live in hope, though. What do you guys recommend as the best way of doing things? I'm running on a shared Webfusion server, which can suppply free use of a secure server if needs be (but only to run cgi scripts). Thanks in advance, Andrew
  3. Drew

    SECPAY - There has been an error processing your

    Hi, If you take a look at http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=88636, you'll see that a few of us have been trying to get to the bottom of this. There's much scratching of heads going on, I can tell you. Andrew
  4. Drew

    SECPay 2.2 error

    Here's the latest: Mark emailed me the very same secpay.php that's running on his server with no problems. Tried it on mine, and it still produces the 'keys don't match' error. I'm very confused now as this one doesn't even use the key function apparently. Any ideas where we go from here, guys? :blink:
  5. Drew

    SECPay 2.2 error

    Hi Nigel, Nope it didn't work for me. Progress, though. I asked SECpay to remove the requirement for the digest/remote keys from the account I'm using, then used the setup on Mark's server with our merchant id....hey presto - it worked. I've emailed Mark to see if he'll send me the exact same module that is sitting on his server for me to upload to mine. We'll be a bit nearer finding the root cause of all this then.....I hope. Who knows - it might even work. Here's hoping. Cheerie Andrew
  6. Drew

    SECPay 2.2 error

    Hi Guys, Just to keep you up to date - I'm still waiting for SECPay tech support to remove the need for digest/remote key from my bloke's account, then I'll give it another try through Mark's setup. Andrew
  7. Drew

    SECPay 2.2 error

    Right....let's see where we are now on this. Do I need to download the os2.2 MS2 Zip and use the extracted secpay.php from there? The SECpay account was changed to use the Digest and Remote keys - do I need to ask them to now take this off? Do I then need to make an appointment with a psychiatrist if it still doesn't work? Andrew.
  8. Drew

    SECPay 2.2 error

    Mark - does your server allow reverse look-ups? As you know, I'm trying to see find out if that's the case on mine, and if it can be taken off. What about yours, Nigel? Do you know if that's the way your server is set up. I know what you mean about the client getting a bit anxious about being able to use SECpay since they've paid for it. Anyway, my head's spinning now with all this, so I'm giving up for tonight. Let's all keep each other posted tomorrow. Andrew
  9. Drew

    SECPay 2.2 error

    Hi Nigel, We're still trying to sort it out. Mark has sent me various versions of the secpay.php file, and we're still trying to get one to work - he's very patient! I found the one you're asking about at: http://cvs.oscommerce.com/viewcvs.cgi/cata...odules/payment/ Are you having similar problems? Andrew.
  10. Drew


    Hi Fred, I'v been having exactly the same problem and Mark Evans has been helping me out with it (thanks for the help so far, Mark). He told me it was down to the way my server is set up and that a 'Digest Key' needs to be set up. I've been emailing back and forth to Mark and SECPay support for a couple of weeks, and we're still trying to get it sorted out. With the key set up I keep getting the message that 'Digest keys don't match - possible fraud in progress". We've tried an updated secpay.php file, but I'm still getting problems. It's very frustrating, as this is the last thing I need to get sorted out then the site can be handed over to the owner. Fingers crossed that it'll be sorted out soon. Let me know if you manage to get yours sorted.....PLEASE. Cheers, Andrew
  11. Drew

    Credit Card Payment Solution for the UK

    Hi Martin, Sounds like PayPal could be the one for you. There are no monthly fees, you don't need a merchant account with a bank, and the funds can be transferred into a UK bank account. The % is a bit higher than with a merchant account, but it's a good way to get started. Hope this helps.
  12. Drew

    SECPay 2.2 error

    I'm still having major problems with this - can anyone shed any light on this for me, pleeeeeease. Thanks.
  13. Drew

    SECPay 2.2 error

    I think I found the updated SECPay module: secpay.php,v 1.37 2004/03/26 18:33:59 - is that the one? After replacing the existing module with this one I tried an order, but was presented with "Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/trevors/public_html/catalog/includes/modules/payment/secpay.php on line 84 " at the bottom of the screen. Any ideas on what's going on here? Thanks in advance.
  14. Drew

    SECPay 2.2 error

    Erm....where exactly can I find it?
  15. Drew

    SECPay 2.2 error

    Thanks, Sparky. I'll give it a try.