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  1. macspyre

    [Contribution] STS v4

    OK guys ! I found the solution. Rigadin you have right. The MySQL text field 'configuration_value' on table 'configuration' must be TEXT and NOT VARCHAR(255). The entry 'Installed Modules MODULE_STS_INSTALLED' contains all the activate modules, and if there a limit of 255 caracters, you can't have more than ten or eleven activate templates modules in the same time. Rulez ! :P
  2. macspyre

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I search in the tables 'configuration' & 'configuration_groups', but there no field 'configuration parameters'. I think there a limit of OSC and not of STS. Where I can found that ? I'm interresting so ! ;-)
  3. macspyre

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi there, It seem I found a way to my problem. I use some STS Modules (16 exactly). Each module have a unic sort_order (1 to 16) I found 2 issues : 1 - If 2 or more modules have the same sort_order, only the first loaded display the good content template. 2 - I can't have more than 13 modules activated in a same time (the 12 first are display and not the next modules) For examples, there are my STS modules : -- A --- 1 Default [activate] 2 Index [activate] 3 Shopping Cart [activate] ... [activate] 12 Address Book [activate] 13 Account Password [activate] 14 Account History [activate] -> The "13 Account Password" and "14 Account History" don't work -- B -- 1 Default [activate] 2 Index [activate] 3 Shopping Cart [desactivate] ... [activate] 12 Address Book [activate] 13 Account Password [activate] 14 Account History [activate] -> The "14 Account History" don't work, and 13 is ok ! I think there a limit for oscommerce modules. Somebody use more than 12 STS modules with succes ? Thanks for your help
  4. macspyre

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Thanks for your answer Rabel. But, I don't want to create a new page. I try to customize a page there by default in OsCommerce. Take a exemple : I want to modifiy the display on the page "conditions.php" I edit in admin the module 'default' of STS for use the template "mine/template.php.html" template.php.html : <?php DEFINE ('STS_END_CHAR', '$'); ?> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"> <html $htmlparams$> <head> <!--$headcontent--> </head> <body> My template<br> $content$ </body> </html> ...a good design :P In includes/modules/sts/ I duplicate sts_product_info.php to sts_conditions.php I make a search/replace to the string 'product_info' and I replace by 'conditions' In includes/modules/sts_inc/ - I make conditions_sts.php include (DIR_WS_MODULES.'sts_inc/conditions.php'); $sts->template= array_merge($sts->template,$template_conditions ); $sts->template['sysmsgs']= $messageStack->output('header'); - I make conditions.php <?php $template_conditions['test'] = "hello"; ?> in /includes/sts_templates/mine/content/ I make conditions.php.html <?php DEFINE ('STS_CONTENT_END_CHAR', '$'); ?> $test$ In admin Install the module conditions and activate. When I go my browser to the page conditions.php, the template is display correctly, but the $content$ is the same of the page conditions.php who are in the root of my shop. I want to customize the content of the page by the template variable system of STS. I make this operation with succes for the pages shopping_cart.php, product_info.php and login.php So I don't understand why I can't make the same for this pages ?
  5. macspyre

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hey I've made an install of STS v4.2... rulez ! So, my question : I use the $content$ in my index.php.html file in my template folder, and I made some files in the /template/content folder. All works fine for : - login.php.html - product_info.php.html - shopping-cart.php.html If I use the SAME procedure for the pages contact_us.php and conditions.php, the default pages (in catalog/) are display. If I create (for test) a conditions.php.html in my template folder, this page is display and not the conditions.php page in catalog. So I don't understand... Can I use the $content$ variable in my template/index.php.html for display a custom content in content/contact_us.php.html ? Thanks 4 your help !
  6. This shipping module will allow you to set an individual shipping price for each product per Zones ! This module can be installed for MS2.2 security update 051113. Try it and enjoy ! :-P * this is our first contrib of OSCommerce, and we are very proud ! :lol: Individual Shipping Zones