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  1. I've been looking at the Attitude Simple Manual Order Entry contribution, as I want to have the option for phone operators to enter phone orders (Payment by CC only) directly into the osCommerce website/database. The contribution suggests that it can be used for mail-in orders as well. I would like to get those orders manually entered into the database, but these customers pay only by check, and we wouldn't want to a check payment option to appear for general website customers (Payment by CC only). Does anyone know if, using this contribution or a different one altogether, we can have our phone operators also enter these mail-in orders and specify payment by check, but not have that option show up on the general store website? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I have been searching the contributions, but haven't found what I am looking for yet...I may be using the wrong terms for this stuff. Anyway, I'm looking for a way within osC 2.2ms2-22 to have a phone operator create a customer account w/ shipping and billing info as well as place an order while they have the customer on the phone--all from a single screen in the Admin area. I came across this feature in a newer version of osC, but was looking for a contribution that might allow me to do this in osC 2.2ms2-22. At worst, we could just have the phone operator use the store catalog and website as if he or she were the customer, but I was wondering if there was a shortcut way to streamline these screens for the operator. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Thanks for your reply. I subsequently found this fix: Authorize Net AIM module (GPL) v121 [bUG] - Totals calculated before dicounts I applied the fix, and, while I haven't confirmed yet, it sounds like it should do the trick.
  4. This is in regard to osC 2.2ms2-22. Unfortunately, we can't upgrade to a newer release of osC at this point. I used the following Handling Fee Contribution to add a $6 handling fee to every order. In the settings, this value is set as active and to be applied to all orders.,1190/page,2 We use the Authorizenet_AIM contribution and PayPal standard for checkout. We just had our first order by CC. Our Admin order page shows the following: Sub-Total: $100.00 Federal Express (1 x 4.37lbs) (Ground Service (4 days)): $6.87 Handling Fee: $6.00 Total: $112.87 However, only $106.87 was sent to AuthorizeNet for authorization and settlement. Obviously, the $6 handling fee isn't getting added. A subsequent update to this contribution only seems to apply to PayPal IPN, or, if it applies to all, it doesn't explain where and what to edit in non-PayPal IPN scenarios. Has anyone else had this problem and can point me to what file(s) I need to edit and what code I need to alter? I haven't seen if it the problem applies to PayPal regular orders as well, but I'm assuming it will. I'm hoping that there's some global value that I can edit that will add the handling fee into what is sent to & PayPal. Thanks in advance for any help.