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  1. This was the last part that didn't work for my site that sells CDs and also music downloads. The user got back to the shopping cart, though the payment and process was fine, but the user has to go to their Account, My Order and download it from there. Now with Bob's adjustment and adding the PDT part it works perfectly. User gets back to the success page and gets the download link when payment is succesful. Thanks thanks thanks!
  2. Tadream

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Maybe a silly question, but is it possible to get this contribution to work with the Paypal ipn module as it did with the downloads controller? As I'm in the process of moving providers I'm thinking about creating the webshop from scratch as I have too many things in it that I don't try anymore and if this super download shop can be combined with paypal ipn then I may go for this option.
  3. Tadream

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    This is a contribution I will definitely try. I have the paypal/downloads controller working on my site (thanks to you Alex!) and am curious how this all works. I'm in the process of moving to another provider so my main 'concern' will be getting the shop up and running. If that is working then I'll try out and let you know. Does it add more then the paypal/downloads controller combo? btw I have downloads of 130MB (and more in the future) and have experienced no problems with it (nor the customers)
  4. Sounds easy! :-) I will check it out when I get home. I remember when implementing the downloads controller that at one point it gave shipping costs with the download option but that could well be when I was still fine tuning it.
  5. Thanks, I already thought the answer would be in that direction. I will check out the shipping options. Right now I have shipping based on weight, one CD package weighing x grams has x shipping costs, 2 CD xx grams etc etc. I'm curious that if I put in a weight for a product and the customer chooses to download it that no shipping costs will be added. I'm not sure if the downloads controller checks for quantity or weight.
  6. Alex, I followed your instructions and while it took some time to finetune it, it now works perfectly on my webshop. Little background: I'm a musician and sell my official CDs through my oscommerce webshop and do this by the usual shipping and paypal ipn modules. Works great. One of my CDs is sold out and I have put it up for download with the aid of Downloads Controller 5.3 and osC Paypal IPN and this is also working great. Now comes the challenge (it may be easy for some, not for me): If I want the customer to have the choice to buy the CD or to download I know I must do this with the product attributes (as done with instant download) but how will this work with CD (has weight with shipping/paypal) and download (has no weight, no shipping/paypal)? I guess I have to make 2 Option Values, but I don't know how the downloads controller will now if it's a CD or a download. I hope I make myself clear and that this is the right thread for this.