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  1. sysyphus

    Contribution Issue

    I'm having a wee bit of trouble with this contrib. it installed fine, but on the new contact now page I have lost the name, email, message fields that were on the original contact page. did I muck up somewhere or is there something else I have to do to get them up?
  2. sysyphus

    Table Rate Issue

    I have an issue with setting up the table rate module I been testing the following settings: 500:3.50,1000:7.00,2000:0.00 Which if I'm following this: http://www.oscommerce.info/docs/english/e_...e_shipping.html correctly should be: 0 to 499 $3.50 500 to 1000 $7.00 1000 and up free I have played around with the package tare weight settings as suggested here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...p;hl=table+rate and when it is set to 0.5 I get a shipping price of $21.00 for an items that weighs 250 grams (250.00 on the weights section) and when the package tare weight is set at the default of 3 it comes back with the same shipping price. I can't even work out where is is getting the figure of $21.00 from. Any help would be much appreciated
  3. sysyphus

    How Credit Card payments work

    Hi I'm working on an online bookshop using oscommerce and presently we are only accepting payments by bank deposit and cheque. We are planning on implementing a credit card payment option in the near future so we have sorted out SSL and have that working properly. I have never set up a credit card payment option or dealt with credit cards in real life and I'm wondering how the credit card payment works, ie once someone keys in there details where does that information go? If it gets emailed unencrypted to us as normally happens for orders surely this is a fairly unsecure method? when we have this information how do we get this information to the bank - does this change bank to bank? or have I got this completly wrong? I've had a look around on the oscommerce docs and forums but haven't been able to find anything to help me out. Cheers
  4. sysyphus

    Sales without logging in

    Ok I've had a look at both of these contribs, the both look like they do the same job. If anyone has tried these could they recommend me one over the other?
  5. sysyphus

    Sales without logging in

    Thanks Jack, I'll look into those two.
  6. sysyphus

    Sales without logging in

    Hi, Several of my customers have expressed the desire to be able to buy from my site without having to log in. They are aware that they would have to fill out a postage form to complete their transactions, but are willing to put up with this in order to protect their privacy. I can also see the advantage in this for people who are not likely to make any future purchases. So what I would like to do is have a system where customers that do not want to have to login can still purchase goods by filling out a form when they go to the checkout and customers that do wish to login have the form auto-completed (possibly with an option to adjust any information) I have had a look but was unable to find and modules that would do this. Any pointers?
  7. Thanks Jack and Andy, I'll re-install the old version of that page and re-do that page and see where I get
  8. I installed this contribution last night and everthing works fine..... except when I click on any of the the categories I get the following code appear between the top and the rest of the page: if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['manufacturers_id'])) $db_query = tep_db_query("select manufacturers_htc_title_tag as htc_title, manufacturers_htc_description as htc_description from " . TABLE_MANUFACTURERS_INFO . " where languages_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "' and manufacturers_id = '" . (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['manufacturers_id'] . "'"); else $db_query = tep_db_query("select categories_htc_title_tag as htc_title, categories_htc_description as htc_description from " . TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION . " where categories_id = '" . (int)$current_category_id . "' and language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "'"); $htc = tep_db_fetch_array($db_query); ?> I'm guessing that when I cut'n'pasted some code I cut over something I shouldn't have. but I have looked and can't work out where - any pointers If you want to look at the site to see what I mean check out: http://www.katipo.net.nz and where the error shows up: http://katipo.net.nz/index.php/cPath/48?os...a8c8c87cdbdbb5b Thanks
  9. sysyphus

    Shipping Advice

    I'm seeting up a book shop and I'm after advice on which shipping modules would suit me the best. I need a ship by weight module that's a I set at a price per 3 kgs of stock ie: 5 items weigh 4.5kg then 1st 3kgs costs $3.50 then 2nd 3kgs cost $3.50 I need a separate module for small items that's calculated on item's ordered ie: $2.50 for each items Any ideas?