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  1. suicidal


    Vger answered this already. Delete line 50, or comment it out( two // before the line). A few lines down under that it says this: // commented out, code moved above for CCGV // $order_totals = $order_total_modules->process(); Change it to this: $order_totals = $order_total_modules->process(); Worked for me.
  2. suicidal


    Never enen thought about going into there. I was looking in the php files. Thanks again! -Adam
  3. suicidal


    Hello again Vger, Is there a way to change it so that on the checkout_confirmation.php page it shows the final total with the discount and not just the subtotal then the discount amout underneith? So it would say something like Sub-total: XX.XX Shipping: XX.XX Discount: XX.XX Total: XX.XX I'm looking for the answer but got a feeling its gonna be beyong my abilities. Thanks again! -Adam
  4. suicidal


    Thats the problem! I missed that in the readme file. Thanks for your help! And thanks for spending the time to combine that big messy pile of downloads into a updated, one download contrib! -Adam
  5. suicidal


    The checkout_process.php in your updated file still has that line in it. The original line isn't commented out anymore so you must have just missed that first one. I created a coupon and still can't see the Redeem Coupon anywhere during checkout. What page should it be on? Thanks again! -Adam NOTE: I put up a fresh copy of osC and just copied all the CCGV files to it with the same results.
  6. suicidal


    Hello, I installed your CCGV Contrib and manually edited most of the files(due to a diff contrib). After all is said and done, I did a test checkout and when I get to the last part I get this error: Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in (path to my dir)/catalog/checkout_process.php on line 50 I moved the line to the original place and it works but I assume that it was moved for a reason. Do I have to download and install your updated contrib to fix the problem? Also, where do I enter the coupon code in the checkout process? Thanks! -Adam
  7. Hello, I manually added extra database fields into my database and edited all of the files needed to to get my site to work. However, I haven't figured out how to get this contribution to reconize the fields I added. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks! Adam
  8. suicidal

    Problem downloading product data VIA EP

    after playing with everything over and over, deleteing and reinstalling, etc, etc, its workin now. dont know what i did. oh well
  9. Hello, I added a product VIA the admin feature of OSCommerce(and it works in the store) and I then tried to download the dataabase VIA EP and all I get are the headers of the database, not the product that I added. Now when I manually add a product to the CSV file and upload it VIA EP(works in the store also so both products now there) and then redownload the product database, the product that I added in the CSV file is there. Anyone know why this is happening and how I can get my WHOLE database to download and not just what I uploaded VIA EP? Thanks for any help! Adam