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  1. Sorted.... "Larger packages - percentage increase" was set to 10 in Admin-config-shipping/packing. I'm just a beginner with osCommerce and don't know PHP so I'm only guessing, maybe the actual package's weight being 1Kg meant the shipping module kicked in but then the extra 10% took it over it's limit and confused things. Anyway, percentage increase is set to 0 now and things are working fine. I feel a bit of a fool for talking to myself on here for the past half an hour but I suppose at least what I've done is documented now in case anybody else hits the same problem! Great modules Stu2000! Just what I needed. Really appreciated :)
  2. Further playing reveals I don't get a problem when the product's quantity is 9 or 11. Maybe it's something to do with the items weight being set to 0.10 and the quantity being 10 means it's weight it dead on the 1Kg mark?
  3. Just had a play around. I've only got one item on the shop so it's easy to replicate. If I add one item and check out there's no problem. If I up the quantity to 35 of the same item there's no problem...all the standard Royal Mail options go and I'm just left with couriers. If I change the quantity to 10 items I hit the problem where Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard appears and offers free postage. Any idea where I might have gone wrong?
  4. I've actually got the Stanard Parcels module installed too and it's showing a price, but it hasn't stopped Royal Mail 2nd class from showing ?0.00. Do I need to install Citylink and Parcelforce too? Royal Mail 1st Class Standard Delivery Weight : 1.1 Kg's (Ships normally within 1 to 3 days) ?4.74 Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard The shipping rate cannot be determined at this time (1.00Kg cart weight exceeded ?0.00 Royal Mail Standard Parcels Delivery Weight : 1.1 Kg's (Insured upto ?500.00, ships within 3 to 5 days) ?5.95 Royal Mail Special Delivery Delivery Weight : 1.1 Kg's (Insured upto ?2500.00, ships Nextday) ?8.90
  5. I'm getting the same ?0.00 postage option once I go over a certain weight. No problems with 1 item in the cart but if I add 10 of the same items and go over the maximum limit for a postage option it lets me select that postage option at ?0.00. http://shop.welovefragile.co.uk I don't think I read the instructions properly either LOL :blush:
  6. fragile

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    me too! :)
  7. fragile

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    me too! :)
  8. it's okay...found my mistake B) ooops :blush:
  9. I've installed osCAffiliate but when bringing up a product I'm getting a bt of code in the item desription. e.g. : http://shop.welovefragile.co.uk/product_in...?products_id=28 see...underneath the picture of the item. where have I gone wrong? :'(