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  1. The problem I am having is with the order total not adding up correctly. I have Tax (Vat) on all products; everything is fine on the order totals until some uses a discount coupon. I also have an order total mod installed called sub-total excl Tax . What seems to be happening is the sub total including tax is right but the sub to excluding tax is wrong the discount amount is right, but the tax is also wrong. as I say this only happens when a discount coupon is used. See example Sub-Total: £114.68 (Correct) Sub-Total excluding Vat: £98.76 (Should be £95.57) Discount 20% applied: -£19.11 (correct) UK Vat 20%: £15.93 (Should be £15.29) Total: £95.57 (Should be £91.75) Can anyone please help
  2. Jonnoa2

    PayPal Express Checkout and Shipping

    Has anyone been able to fix this problem as it has been a problem with me for a long time. Jonathan
  3. I have contacted PayPal's merchant and also Cardinal who both can not offer solutions to my problem, nor can a very experienced PHP programmer can fix this without a lot of time and cost to me. Having had this mod installed and configured by an OScommerce programmer who is very experienced with php, We are having the following major problems with mod of the 8 Feb 2010 build 180. I believe it was created by a person called Anthony H who is an employed by PayPal, according to the oscommerce forum and link to the mod. I shall be brief with the details at this time with the core problems I am having. 1. PayPal Express NOT TAKING POST CHARGE When you place and order using PayPal express you need to confirm the order on my site (this does add the postage cost) Then it goes off to PayPal when you enter your PapPal details and confirm, where it then takes you back to my store where there is then no postage charge. If you then confirm the order, and check payment received in PayPal you only receive the goods amount with out the postage. 2.Website Payments pro with 3D Secure Buyer Authentication via Cardinal Commerce (currently UK merchants only). CARDINAL 3D SECURE NOT WORKING This mod does not link into Cardinal Authentication it just acts as if it is not there and makes payment at would without it. Cardinal have had a look at this as have stated that it is all configured correctly on the mod but it is not seeing there site. Last email from them It is tough because there is no osCommerce support. We have checked the module settings and it looked to be setup properly. I am not aware of the issue you were getting. There maybe a solution in the osCommerce forums. Can anyone please help we have spent over 2 weeks trying to get this working and it has cost a lot of money to employ the PHP guy to work on this for us.
  4. I have the following problem where the order I put the category's in on the admin side shows up in a different order to customers on the main site. Can anyone point me in the right direction.
  5. I have the following problem I have website payment pro installed (UK version) The problem I have is when a customer wishes to pay by PayPal when it goes over to PayPal to make the payment it does not carry the postage charge across so I only get paid for the goods and Not the post. Can anyone please help.
  6. Jonnoa2

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    I have had pdfinvoice & pdfpackingslip installed for a while all works great but I want to be able to save the file names as my invoice or packing slip numbers, rather than pdfinvoice or pdfpackingslip Can anyone advise me where to start looking to do this. I also want to be able to change the default location where the files want to store themselves on my local machine as they want to save as to the desktop, when using ie8.
  7. I have Oscommerce V2.2.RC2 with ot_discount_coupon_codes_3_34 installed and PayPal Website Payments Standard. Everything works fine until I go to confirm order. With No discount code applied when I confirm order it goes straight through to PayPal, but with a discount code applied I get the following error. 'This invoice has already been paid. For more information, please contact the merchant' Can anyone please help
  8. Jonnoa2

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Have fixed it For some reason the coding in admin\includes\classes\order.php was missing (don not understand why)
  9. Jonnoa2

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Chris Have not spoken for a while. I am having 2 problems with this software, both are to do with the pdf packing slip. The first is that all the details are blank. (customers name and address, Date purchased, and goods purchased) can you point me in the right direction. The second has been a problem all along even when I have the pdf packing slip working. I have the addon comments box but it has always been blank. can you help.
  10. Fixed this problem now I get Fatal error: Class 'borderlessBox' not found in /homepages/34/d175954780/htdocs/sg-systems/includes/modules/more_pics.php on line 202 Line 202 reads new borderlessBox ($info_box_contents); Jonathan
  11. Thanks for the help I had to re type the line in the database table and that problem has gone away. I now get the following error on the product info page Warning: include_once(includes/modules/FILENAME_MORE_PICS) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/34/d175954780/htdocs/sg-systems/product_info.php on line 273 Line 273 reads <td align="center" class="smallText"><?php include_once (DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_MORE_PICS); ?></td> Jonathan
  12. I have just installed more_pics_advanced_2.0.6 and I am having the following problem Admin side seems to work fine with no page errors anywhere. Have now tried to run the install for updating the pictures using big_images_install.php as I have another picture add on (Additional Images v2.1.0. I receive the following error 1146 - Table 'db247098617.TABLE_PRODUCTS_IMAGES' doesn't exist INSERT INTO TABLE_PRODUCTS_IMAGES SET image_filename = 'No Image available.gif', products_id = '1', category_page = '1', last_modified = now() This also happens when I go onto my site on the products.info page. The table is in the database and everything seems to be there also the define table in the database_tables.php files in both catalog and admin reference correctly. Can any one please advise
  13. I have installed More pics 6 v1.4.3 using Autoinstaller 2.7 and every thing went fine. The problem I am having is when I try and upload a picture I get the following problem It creates the correct directories under images/products but does not load the pictures up Success: File upload saved successfully. Warning: No file uploaded. Can anyone please help