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  1. desidil4ever

    Master Products - MS2

    Hi everyone :) I am trying to add slave prices and model number underneath the Master products on the product_listing page. After following lot of forums I was able to put this code in However I am trying to get a list instead of the dropdown...I have tried various combinations but failed...please if someone could help me out a bit. Thanks in advance
  2. desidil4ever

    Is there such kind of contribution?

    if u start using contributions for every such small things den by the time u r done u will have 100000000000000s of contribution. told u last time to...READ OSCOMMERCE GUIDEBOOK http://www.oscommerce.info/docs/english/
  3. desidil4ever

    First time install of a module

    It is very obvious from ur error that u have 1 bracket ) missing or u added stuff after ur bracket was closed. Post ur tools.php file here...I think its a 1 small error...which can be fixed easily
  4. desidil4ever

    Master Products - MS2

    hi Tracy, In ur allprods page n category page(index page if u using the default to show categories) there r queries in which u should add products_master=1 which should take care of ur prob....if u read the previous posts its clearly mentioned....u didnt have to change ur product_status to 0
  5. desidil4ever

    Help! Header Tags

    see if this works
  6. I have installed and been using Master Products successfully. Added the Wishlist contribution as a enhancement. The problem I have is when I try to ADD a SLAVE to the WISHLIST it takes the MASTER PRODUCT's ID. I have searched all over google n here. Found only 1 person who knew the answer (he posted on 1 of the forums)..tried it but it was wrong...n when I tried to get him to help...he seemed like having some ATTITUDE PROBLEMS!!! So if any one else has been successful with merging "Master Products" and "Wishlist" to work together...could you post the solution for me and others who could utilize it. Thanks in advance:)
  7. desidil4ever

    Several Random Products

    pretty nice contribution...works great:) 1 thing I did like to find out is if we can add a loop so it doesnt stop after a certain number....lets say if I use Specials as per original contribution or without...setting a infinite loop will be a great idea. any suggestions???
  8. desidil4ever

    Some Questions about Master Products

    the first one is also the answer to your second question:) just add it in all 4 sql queries in ur index page and make it not equal to 1...repeat the step for as many pages you want:)
  9. desidil4ever

    Admin error

    try changing to think might work:)
  10. desidil4ever

    Can click on Customers in Admin.

    had nothing to do with Ultimate SEO...it is one of the MUST install features on any site. As far as I can see from your error ...there is a undefined function called tep_get_sources_name() in your admin/customers.php file that you should work on fixing
  11. desidil4ever

    Images not showing

    for ur 1st problem your various files in includes/boxes/ are calling for files...which I believe do not exist...for eg. its calling in your category.php file its calling for images from a subfolder in images directory called Categories (see the code below). This is true for all your box files If I were you I would just replace with default oscommerce box files...IF n ONLY if you dont have other contributions. Also one neat trick I have done to remove the left side images is in includes/classes/boxes.php (in default oscommerce file) deleted from this to make it look like Do the same for $right corner as well. Also...in the boxes where the left side and/or right side images are called you could set the images not to show up by changing the call for infoBoxHeading (in includes/boxes/ individual box default osc files) to As for your second question about your banner width...its way too simple:) you altered your site to FixCentered contribution so your resolution for your site width is set in your stylesheet.css file....just for your reference your site width is 778px....so you could set your banner image to the same width:) Hope it helps
  12. thats the query I used...just a note...I made allprods for each of my categories...you can change the to any category you want in the code underneath
  13. desidil4ever

    Scrolling Specials background image?

    try using the css background property for image example: tr.title-row { background-image: url("image/whatever.gif"); background-position: center; background-repeat: repeat-x; } td.class-status { background-image:url("whatever.gif"); background-position: center center; background-repeat: no-repeat; }
  14. desidil4ever

    error adding attribute set to product

    I aint a 100% sure...but would try recommending it to you....you are tryin to add the "+" as a price_prefix....change it to a "&43;" which is the coded graphic character set for the "+" I m hoping that should solve ur issue:)
  15. desidil4ever

    Short Description database insert failure

    Just a tip: You can always do it through phpAdmin....first set ur shortdescription as varchar wid certain limit than use UPDATE command for eg Update products_description set shortdescription = products_description