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  1. Well, I've mulled this over and over. And the more I think about it, the more I think that what I am looking for is a very complicated bit of programming. Basically I'm saying I want one type of product (decals) not to count when it comes to the order total. That the price of the decals does not get added into the order total, when the cart is calculating shipping. That's complicated enough right there. But to make it worse: What if a customer is trying to reach the "Free Shipping" threshold (mine is $100) and so they add a few stickers, just to get the number up to $100. They are not going to be happy to find that "decals don't count." So, then I'm going to want the price of the decals included in the total? It's too complicated. It's not going to work. I could pay a programmer for custom code but I don't see how it's even possible to accomplish such a thing. The only solution I can see is to switch to weight-based table or to the USPS Shipping Module. I just hear about so many people complaining that the module is miscalculating. I don't have much confidence in it. I was going to try the Monika Mathe modification, but I'm pretty sure it's going to have the same effect. Thank you, Robert, for taking the time to let me test this out. I really appreciate you sharing the code with us. Michelle
  2. Well, Sorry to post 3 times in a row. The window to edit is too dang short! Anyway, Lana, I think I've figured out the mystery. You can see there is another active thread about Free Shipping being miscalculated. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?s=&...t&p=1020800 You can see that someone suggests that when testing your own system, it is adding state sales tax, which drives the total up over $100. I immediately went in and changed my "ship to" address to an out of state address, and voila! The free shipping disappeared. I didn't read far enough through the thread to see how to change those settings. It's not a biggy for me, since most of my customers are out of state. And "in-state" customers are usually cheaper to ship to, even via Priority Mail. This may be what's happening with your cart?
  3. Wow. This is strange. I was just about to explain how I had my table set up to only offer free shipping once the customer spent $100. I just discovered that it is offering free shipping when the order gets $100 including shipping.. I didn't think it was doing that before, so I turned off the FreeAmount module and my table module is still calculating that way. This is enlightening. I can't believe I didn't notice it until just now. I don't think it has anything to do with this new module though. There must be a setting that can be adjusted.
  4. I'm not convinced that this couldn't be made to work. (2 negatives in one sentence. there's something wrong with that). I'm going to sleep on it and see if the answer comes to me. I agree that my customers like to know the shipping in advance. Which is why I'm reluctant to abandon my $ based table. However, even with this module installed, and my table still enabled, I can offer my customers 2 choices at checkout. If they choose not to go with free shipping, I would upgrade them to Priority or maybe include a little bonus gift. Here is a screenshot of the shipping option at checkout with this FreeAmount module active: (I edited the freeamount.php in the languages folder to change the verbage): The part about "for decals only" is really unnecessary, because this option only shows up if they have only decals in their shopping cart. I may make some changes if I keep the mod. I'm going to mull this over. We definitely are facing the same dilemma! I'll let you know if a solution comes to me! Michelle
  5. Hi Lana, I'm dying to know if you got this installed and if it will work for you? I think it sounds like a good solution for your needs. Considering people who are planning to buy a gift certificate or reservations are probably not going to be buying products at the same time. Right? If they are planning a trip out to your location, they probably want to come and shop in person when they get there. If I switch to a weight based table, I'm trying to figure out if I would need this mod, since I can set the weight to 0 in the table and that would cover free shipping in the table module. Wouldn't it? If I keep it in place, I could advise customers to place 2 separate orders, if ordering decals and other products. But I don't think customers would bother to do it. Or bother to read the suggestion. FRW, I know you probably want to keep your client's privacy. But can you give me an idea of what type of scenario would need this, if they are also using weight based talbe? I know you said it might not be just what we are looking for. So, I hope it doesn't sound like I'm coming back and saying "Why do I need this?" :blush: It's definitely the closet thing to a solution I have found and I have been looking for a very long time!
  6. I'm not sure where to find that. But wouldn't something have to be added into product_info.php? Is that what you mean? Or doing that would PRODSARRAY thing insert the note automatically?
  7. I do have them set at 0 weight. But I've been using a table based on the order total (dollar amount). I do this because I think that online shoppers always want to know what their shipping fees are going to be, before they start the checkout process. I often end up losing money on this setup. But I also feel so guilty when a customer ends up paying too much for shipping a few small items, just because they are more expensive items. But I think I will switch to weight based. I'm sure I read about a mod that will allow a pop-up box showing shipping options/fees for items currently in the cart. I just want them to see that shipping is reasonable, before they have to start entering all their personal information. Since I only ship within the US, and usually use USPS First Class or Priority Mail ... I think I can set up a pretty reliable table based on weight. Thanks for your help!
  8. I thought I would post this screenshot anyway. In case you have any suggestions on my settings. You can see that the first problem was caused by having 2 shipping modules set in the 0 postion. I hadn't removed it because I thought "remove" would delete the option altogether. But it really just disables it. Lana, I'm very anxious to see how this works for you. I hope it is the solution you are looking for as well!
  9. I'm glad I am able to thank you before you went to sleep. This is really great. I do see that it is labeling the free shipping as "Second Class" ... I'm sure I can easily edit that. I added this as an edit to my last post, and then decided to make it a new post. I hate to even dampen the celebration. I'm sure I can tweak it to work just right. But here is the "BUT" Edit: Okay. I found exception to my joy. I need to re-think my Table-Rate. Maybe make it weight-based. Because, I can see that if someone orders a little jewelry item that should only cost $2.50 to ship, I was testing to make sure that free shipping doesn't get offered. The good news is that the free shipping disappears. The bad news is that the stickers still increase the order $ total and drive up the shipping fees way beyond what a few stickers would actually increase postage. Hmm. I need to think on a solution. Still this a great improvement! Thank you! Mimi www.ScruffyPuppy.com
  10. HOLY COW! It works like a charm! This is amazing. I've been looking for this solution for a year. I can't believe how easy this was. YOU THE MAN! -------------- (Edit added as a new post)
  11. Whoa. Whoa. Wait a minute! It might be working! I just noticed that I had another shipping module set to order 0. I had disabled it, but not "removed" it. I didn't see the problem until I started saving the screenshot. Stay tuned!
  12. Thank you. A little delay here, because I wanted to do a full backup first. Then: I got the 2 files uploaded. Then went into modules/shipping in ADMIN. I didn't see an option named FreeAmount but I do see Free Shipping. I don't recall if that was there before or not. It must be the right one, because I do see a field at the bottom to enter product numbers. I enabled it, entered what seemed to be logical amounts into the fields. Entered the item #s of 2 decals ... no spaces after the comma, correct? I tried a sample purchase, but I don't see the free shipping being offered at checkout. I will try to make a screenshot and post here.
  13. So close! Yet so far away! I'm dying to try this out. Is it just me, or is the languages/ ... ultimately empty?
  14. Hi again, I am trying to install it right now. It does look very easy. But when I just tried to upload the 2nd file : catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/freeamount.php ... I don't see a file in there the shipping folder is empty. I doublechecked the zip file and it seems to be empty. Am I missing something?
  15. Thank you, FRW Media! I will give it a try. Will it work with PHP4? My webhost won't be switching to php5 until March, should I wait to install it? Thanks.