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  1. drh_canada

    gift wraping

    One addon that would be great would be a gift wrap module that allows the customer to choose the wraping paper, so the module could add a section within the checkout that would let the customer choose gift wrap and then the next screen would take them to where they can see the various gift wraping pictures, they would choose and the cost would be added before selecting payment. it could go even further and have the ability to choose amongst cards that could have a personalized message placed within it. anyone with the time to create such a thing.. something to think about for the future anyways.
  2. I should have noted that the weights are not actual and am just using that as a way to get a ratio of sorts for the purposes of shipping..
  3. I had a similar issue so I accesed a weight to the products for the sake of a ratio such as Hats 1.45 purse 3, or 12 depepnding on size then based on this created the shipping rates noted below. 2 hats cost me the same to ship as 1 so I put a weight of 2.9 equals $4.25 which would also cover 1 hat but as you can see 1 purse with a weight of 3 would cost more because of size so that is taken into account with the weight class of 3 which is $9.75 or 2 purses with a weight of 6 for the same amount. 2.9:4.25,3:9.75,4.35:5.80,6:9.75,9:10.5,12:12,15:13,23:12,24:15,36:15,48:17,72:1 7,200:30 2.9:4.25 3:9.75 4.35:5.80 6:9.75 9:10.5 12:12 etc etc etc but if someone bought a hat and a small purse with a weight of 4.45 it would bump up to weight class that includes 6 and charge the $9.75 etc . after a few weights for hats, the size and shipping cost start to be more on par with the purses so the weight gets rounded to the next closest shipping price catagory hope this helps a little, its not perfect but so far it works for me.
  4. drh_canada


    I have a product that is $16 but is 2 for $30, how can I accomplish this? now of course its a 2 for situation but only applies to one product category out of the 3 categories that I have. any help would be great.. thanks
  5. drh_canada

    Stop Paypal from making you sign up?

    If going by what I have noted before. it will bring the customer to the paypal page where the customer can either login with an existing paypal accout or clicking "click here" below the payment info secton if the customer does not have a PayPal account. after which point the customer is brought to a screen when they need to enter their Shipping Information (at least they wont have to sign up for an account) next page will be credit card information and billing address if different from shipping as paypal and the cc companies use this to verify the validity of a cc. customer finishes and are brought back to your site. obviously for customers who have a login it is shorter as the cc and other info are already there.
  6. drh_canada

    Stop Paypal from making you sign up?

    I have a premiere account, which does not cost anything and the email address used for that paypal account is the same as that used in the paypal module so that paypal recognizes the email address as being from an existing paypal member
  7. drh_canada

    Stop Paypal from making you sign up?

    If you have a "Premier" or "Business" Paypal account, your customer will not have to sign up for a login to make a payment with credit card. just make sure that the email address that you have in your payment module is the same as the one in your paypal account or it wont work. hope that helps
  8. drh_canada

    Paypal not adding shipping

    http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=222835 the above topic may help