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  1. You will have to change one of the sql queries in newdesk_index.php There will be something like (not exact) '... order by newsdesk_date_added desc' to flip the order change it to '... order by newsdesk_date_added asc' or vice versa.
  2. spacker

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    The "newsdesk_index.php" file will not list any news items that are not contained within a category. It need the 'newsPath' variable in the url to list contents. You have one visible category called "news". The correct link to that category is below. newsdesk_index.php?newsPath=11 If you want to list the categories in the left column I would suggest using the newdesk infobox (not newsdesk latest infobox).
  3. spacker

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    Just a hunch... Check the sort order of the newsdesk categories. I think you may have two or more that are the same.
  4. spacker

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    You will have to edit the newsdesk_index.php file. Luckily the section is well marked. Almost at the bottom of the file, line 328 in my file, you will find code that begins: <!-- Wolfen added code BOF --> code about drop down code about search <!-- Wolfen added code EOF --> You can just delete the code including the <!-- Wolfen bits. Make a backup file before you do!
  5. spacker

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    Look in <site root>/includes/modules/newsdesk_listing.php You have two options for the date format Long: Thursday 10th August 2006 Short: 08/11/2006 Find the following text: $listing_values['newsdesk_date_added'] Replace with Long: tep_date_long($listing_values['newsdesk_date_added']) Short: tep_date_short($listing_values['newsdesk_date_added']) Enjoy your cleaner looking news listing! -=spacker=-