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  1. Hi, I have developed many OSCommerce sites, but am new to the whole merchant account / check out procedure. I usually use paypal or google just becasue they are free. The client I am working for now wants somethign a bit more professional. They are looking for a merchant (who has an OSCommerce module of course) where the setup for the account is about $350 and they take a percentage of each transaction. We basically just need to bill AMEX, Visa and Mastercard. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have used before but they are kind of a rip off. The module does not need to be easy to install, it just needs to have one developed. I am very familar with the wya OScommerce works, so I should be able to integrate any of the modules. Even if you could direct me to a thread where this has been talked about before, that would be very helpful Thanks in advance Jesse Z.
  2. Thanks, I will start there.
  3. bump.. I'm looking for the same thing - even if you could point me to a thread that would help
  4. Hi, I am familiar with OScommerce and need to find a way to setup a payment gateway to my credit card processor. The name of the company I will be using is ETS, their website is . I have all of the variable names that ETS needs to process the transaction (POST and GET), I'm just not sure where I setup the form fields to submit to their page. I have a few modules installed, the major one is FEC (Fast Easy Checkout). If anyone out there could give me any help at all I would greatly appriciate it. My thoughts were to possibly write a module, I just need to know where to start really. Thanks in advance for any help. Jesse Z.