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  1. as i said, it works for me perfect with absolute no error. because i have no idea about php i can?t say if it?ll work for other people with other contibs included. I did the contrib not on a clean install of osc.
  2. admin/categories.php but its a workaround for the quoted problem, unfortunately not for your problem.
  3. hi, i think this should be the corrected code There is a missing <?php at the beginning and a } too much at the end. i know absolutely nothing about php but it works for me with these corrections. greetz
  4. GFW

    [Contribution] Order Update

    same problem here! I think it would be the easiest way to have an extra field next to each field where you can enter manually the tax rate. like: Product XYZ Price Tax% Shipping Price Tax% Discount Price Tax% ------------------------------- Total (Net) Sum Tax Sum (calculated from the Price * Tax% above) Total Sum But please, do not forget that a discount also reduces the tax! (so you have a -Tax :) ) sry for my bad english.
  5. http://wiki.oscommerce.com/helpInstallNew
  6. GFW

    live support

  7. hi, is there a way to change the price of the attributes for a customer group? thx
  8. GFW

    Attributes Copier

    my favourite: new_attributes_v4b but i think this is not what you want because you can not copy the attributes, but it is really easy to change or add attributes. this is the only attribute contribution which works perfect for me (ms2)
  9. yeah, found it. should be: print "<img src='soldout.gif' border='0'>"; .. sorry, i?m a noob :D
  10. found this contribution: <?php $prod_quantity = tep_get_products_stock($products_id); switch ($prod_quantity) { case 0: print "Test"; break; case 1: print "Almost Gone"; break; case 3: print "Low"; break; case 4: print "Limited"; break; default: print "test"; } ?> it works fine with text, but when i try to use print "<img src="test.gif" border="0">"; instead of limited, low or whatever i get an error.. any comments?
  11. Hi, is anyone working on a product availability contribution to display f.e. red/yellow/green depending on the stock? I found a few threads on this issue but now one right now who is working on this. many thx
  12. GFW

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    have you tried the manual order entry module contrib? Hope there is a way for fixing the tax issues on your contrib so that all sums are displayed without tax and then all additional lines created are calculated with the tax
  13. any news on this contribution? or is the one under download->contrib the last version? (0.8?)