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  1. acharme

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    thankyou so much for all of the help :rolleyes:
  2. acharme

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Oops on the popup settings - sorry. I have them set with the main image left, and smaller to the right now. That is the way that I want them to display, and I had no problems there. I was just foolin' around and left them set wrong. The pop up works a dream right out of the box, and any way you want to configure it. Truly amazing work! The code you gave to fix the tables worked like magic - thankyou! The images on the product info page are still not sizing correctly (with big on top, smaller on the bottom). The really odd thing is that according to my handy dandy ruler, they are displaying at 200px, and none of the image settings are at 200! The large and display are 175px, the pop up is 350px. And just the width is specified for all of the images. What I have right now is here
  3. acharme

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    I have set the 'restrict parent image size' and the 'use image size restrictions' to false. Pixelation still occurs here You see it on The Classic and Treasures. Candlelight is not set up yet. Screwy layout here I changed only the image size restrictions and the behavior to pop-up. BTW, thanks for the help :rolleyes:
  4. acharme

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Surfalot, you make such lovely contributions. They are always such a straightforward install, that I absolutely know that when it doesn't work right, it is my error somewhere in the installation. This is not an install problem - aren't you thrilled? :lol: I cannot seem to figure out the admin settings to make it do what I would like. I would like the large prod image (say 150px) to show on the right of the description with the smaller prod images (say 75px) lined up at the bottom of the large prod image. Then I would like the popup. This is what I have. Notice the spacing because when you hover on the extra pics it will blow up the prod pic (which is sweet), but I don't want to blow up the prod pic. But when I 'behavior pop-up' instead of 'behavior prod-info' the pic layout gets screwy. One other dummy question. My thumbs on the product listing are pixelated. I know that this is because I have them hard coded (through the prod listing in columns mod) to be *1.5, but I can't figure out another way to get them to be a larger size without messing up the size of the thumbs on the prod info page. Got clues you would like to share? Thankyou so much for sharing not only your professional work ethic, but your patience and humor as well.
  5. I gave up on the lightbox (which is a wonderful mod - and I will probably try again after I do some speed optimizing) so I went back to the last mod uploaded by Surfalot. Does anyone know of a way to add a css border to all product pictures including the category and product listings? I have done a google search on the osc forums, and read the posts, but I do not want to make 'unsanctioned' changes. And I am sure that someone has done this with morepics.
  6. found it in the stylesheet in the section prevlink, nextlink, and their hovers Next I will be trying to figure out how to position the links down in the bottom between the 'image x of x' and the close window.
  7. why are my popups so ugly? I wanted to be sure that the prev and next buttons show up and work right, and this is what I am looking at:link to ugly popup I have morepics 6 v1.3 and the lightbox. I don't even know where to start to fix this, the popup.php? the product_info.php? I found where the buttons are called, but I do not understand how they are taking that position!
  8. I am using Firefox and the popups are the same as the not popped up pictures...
  9. Wizaard: I just added a couple of products and found myself staring at the broken image box. Checked the imagecache folder and guess what? My new images were not there! All of my previous thumbs were fine on my page and in imagecache. So I deleted everything in the imagecache folder to force a refresh. No go. I deleted the thumbs file from the main image folder and at the same time noticed that the imagecache folder was set to 755, so I changed it to 777. Glory be, I had pics again! Even the new ones. Of course I thought of you immediately, and I sincerely hope that yours can be just as simple :rolleyes:
  10. I am terribly sorry for the misunderstanding, I saw the repeat of my question in the reply and assumed you meant it for me. I think the lightbox in the review thing is incredibly handy, and I did not mean to belittle it in any way. I thought about going through the install again because in the last few days my FTP has been unreliable - it uploads the files fine and then 'tacks on' things at the end of the files. (And I use PHPpad so that's not the prob.) It would be very sad if you did not get this to work - it is so convenient. :'(
  11. Let me get this straight, if I modify the reviews files as you suggest, that is going to have an effect on the dimension of my pictures on the product info and shopping cart pages? I have the light box stuff in there already. I am trying to have a picture of 100 x 100 for the product listing page, 150 x150 for the product info page, and 50 x 50 for the shopping cart. The lightbox is fine, the popup is fine, and I don't use the reviews at all. I looked at your page and you are right, for some reason it is not putting your pictures into the imagecache folder. Have you gone back through the install step by step? Perhaps something did not get uploaded quite right.
  12. I have More_Pics_6 version 1.2c and the auto thumbnail by matrix france installed and working beautifully. I would like to be able to have the shopping cart and product info pictures in different sizes from the product listing size, so I tried to install the mod 'control more image sizes'. I can get it to recognize the image sizes (the broken image box is the correct size), but it is not pulling the images. (I get the broken image box) Can anyone give me a clue to merging these two, or is there another way to set the images to different sizes for different pages? BTW, there isn't enough thankyou in the world for being part of such a dynamic community :thumbsup:
  13. If there is a support thread, could someone point me? I have googled and searched and... I have product tabs 2.1 installed, how easy can it get? No problems, no errors, wow! (well, there's a couple of comma's you have to watch out where you copy them in the copy/paste) Anyway, I would like to have my product description on a tab (no sweat), extra pictures on a tab (simple and built in), and my product options on a tab - oops. I can copy/paste and edit, but create the code itself? Not likely. Anybody have some simple ideas that I could try? Or? I also have options as images installed and would really like to keep them if that makes a difference. I truly appreciate the notion of where I would be without all of the special people who make their expertise available on this forum. :blush:
  14. acharme

    Products not splitting into pages

    If I understand the question, you have all 436 of your products showing on one page instead of 21 products showing on each of 15 pages? That makes a really long page :'( I believe the setting that you want to split the pages with is in your admin under maximum values and then the search results value.
  15. acharme

    Attribute Product Codes [Contribution]

    Had a massive test site meltdown :o so ignore my last post (and this one too!)