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    Customer Add Product

    Hey, I really liked the concept of the "customer add products" but please forgive me if I seem to have some blond moments. I correctly installed everything and I do have the current build for OScommerce and I am using customer add product 1.4.2 and I dont see the upload process. Can someone guide to where it is? please? I recently did a lot of research on the "customer add products" but when I went to the site to test I got the same results I was getting on my site and that was basically nothing. I was expecting to see an upload file for the customer to upload during the shopping process but I did not. Maybe I am just having a blonde moment. I know I installed everything just as the contribution asked but I see nothing. During what process of the shopping cart should I see the customer being able to upload a product? Is there something I have to enable while being an admin? Please let me know can someone provide me screenshots?