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  1. lolawson

    Paypal express problem

    Having the same problem in 2.2 RC2 Did you resolve this issue?
  2. Having exactly the same problem as Mandy in post #982 above: running osCommerce v2.2 RC2a and the latest version of this module AuthorizeNet_AIM_08-31-10. Everything works as it should except for the Payment Zone seems to be ignored. I've reviewed the routine that checks the payment zone and it looks good--the same as the other payment and shipping modules that do work. Suggestions anyone?
  3. lolawson

    Category Discount

    boxtel wrote and Skylla wrote: Has anyone coded this for the Category Tree Discount contribution? Care to share?
  4. Of course I meant GV weight=0, all other products' weight=1
  5. Another issue with my ccgb-513d installation onto a heavily modded MS2.2 which uses a table rate for shipping based on price: Purchases of GVs (a virtual item) are still being charged shipping. Based on what I've read here in the forums, I have 1) enabled downloads 2) enabled free shipping 3) set the weight of the gift voucher product= 1; all other products weight=0 Still, shipping is charged even if a gift voucher is the only item purchased. Any suggestions?
  6. I'm working with ccgb-513d installed onto a heavily modded MS2.2 Can't get my brain around a seemingly simple task: I want to add a line onto the checkout_payment.php screen adjacent to the "Use Gift Voucher Balance" checkbox that shows the customer's existing voucher balance. Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer some quick guidance on how to do this.
  7. lolawson

    Tax on Shipping?

    For OSC, the instructions for taxing shipping are here. Don't know about the Canadian Shipping module.... Don't know if this is the case for you, but I initially had trouble finding where to edit this because the label for "table rate" was missing in my shipping modules. If you have an unlabelled shipping module, that's probably it. -Leslie
  8. lolawson

    Tax on Shipping?

    I see on the solutions page that OSC 2.2 Milestone 2 allows for tax on shipping. Where do I activate that? -Leslie www.maternityandnursing.com