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  1. Hello I just added the contribution - Search Engine Friendly URL 1.13 Is it not suppose to get a clear pruduct name in the url ? I get the directurie and sub directories ok , but when i get to the product it self I get www.myshop.com/product_info.php/products_id/21 Is it possible to get the product name on the url ? Thank you
  2. yulises

    Search in Hebrew

    Does anyone have an idea what should i do to fix this ? when i put a search word in hebrew ,, i get the notification that there is no product much the search.. even so , there is one Thank you Nimrod
  3. yulises


    what do you mean "the admin side " where should i check ? Thank you , Nimrod
  4. yulises

    Friendly url's

    Hello can you please be more specific , Thank you , Nimrod
  5. yulises


    Is there a site map contribution that included the all pages ? i recently install the dynamic site map but it is including only the categories . Thank you Nimrod
  6. yulises

    Friendly url's

    so , how do I fix it ? what should i cjhange in my .htacess to get clean url's ? Thank you
  7. yulises

    Friendly url's

    Is it possible to get friendly URL , while the option "force cookies" is "false" ? Is anyone know the solution for this problem ? I got the "meta tags controller 1.2 my site is : www.popshop.co.il Thank you Nimrod
  8. yulises

    Dynamic sitemap

    Thank you , its working now ,
  9. yulises

    Dynamic sitemap

    I just installed the dynamic sitemap (by Jack) , could not figure out how to run the "install.sql" on my database . any one can help i got this eror when clicking on the site map link in the information box "1146 - Table 'israelto_os.sitemap_exclude' doesn't exist select exclude_file from sitemap_exclude where exclude_type != "0" and is_box="1" [TEP STOP] " Thank you Nimrod
  10. yulises

    friendly url's

    Is it possible to get a friendly url while the option " fprce cookies " is false ? Thank you