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  1. Yak39

    Custom templates

    Thank you, it seems an extensive guide and I'm going to read it carefully. could I also get an answer to the previous question?
  2. Yak39

    Custom templates

    Personally I did - while the step by step is sufficiently clear, I believe it's also a good draft to highlight some "issues": look at figure 3: the numbers of menus to customize all the items via editor is really massive, and that's essentially for just a couple of CSS lines of code. That's why I believe the general view over here is that if you want to onboard pro designers you need to provide a clear file structure for a developer. That goes especially for widget, where it feels like most of the design architecture is located there. That said I also think no one here wants to criticize your choice on having an editor: to be the first time OSC has one I believe is quite impressive and a good compromise that is reminiscent of Divi on WP. But its flexibility and UX limit a lot probably a standard power user. For UI devs instead it's probably quite limiting. What is easier to fix to onboard more community? probably couple of lines to describe structure and components interaction to some developers? 😉
  3. Yak39

    Custom templates

    How to I work on a layout without using the onboard editor, and work directly from code? How do I build a new widget or modify the code of an existing one?
  4. Yak39

    Custom templates

    I am sure you guys are all very busy especially in these days of launching. Still it would be great to understand better your strategic direction on this. On one hand it's clear that you are pushing for a system really reminiscent of WP's editor (no offense intended but the UI for the editor would still need more than some tweaks), on the other I'm puzzled by the coding structure. I could clearly see that: some classes are still generated via html_output.php, most of the rest of the structure is made of widgets - for which having a design guide principle would really be useful to at least tweak into those without recurring to the endless tabs in the editor the widgets are then placed in the YII framework. I'm not familiar with this, either than it's V2 and seems like its frontend grid down the road is still a bit of a Bootstrap mod. So just starting by letting understand some developers the folder structure and all the components and their location for the layout management would be already a good progress. Also understanding your intended rules of engagement for the community to possibly trying to support on the improvement on the UX of the editor, too would be great.
  5. Yak39

    Custom templates

    I feel like I really need to second that. I find this editing system to be really not flexible. It would be really good to understand from a coding perspective and not from a WYSIWYG perspective, how a bottom-up theme can be built. Even though the grid offers good flexibility it takes quite some times for the Pros to get on board on manually adding and configuring widgets rather than setting their own designs directly from scratch on a local ide and with a json manifesto. Do you plan to open up to this kind of tutorial or all the designers will be forced to work onto your tool? Looking at the themes structures from FTP, it seems like there's close to no information about it. The dynamic loading of the content via widgets is very clear, but having another way to edit both widget and the layout system would really be paramount.
  6. Yak39

    oscommerce 4.0 no admin logon

    Thank you Ivan, I did delete and reinstall.
  7. Yak39

    oscommerce 4.0 no admin logon

    Hi all, I'm upping this topic for a similar reason: I have lost my original admin password, and could not reset it as I did not setup on my test server any mailing capability to go through with the reset. From mysql I can see clearly which table and field I should use to reset my password, but I don't know the encryption used by OSC 4 to do so. Can anyone assit? Thank you
  8. Sure I actually appreciate that: just PM'd you
  9. heheh I wish and Pandrei I'm sorry to keep bombing you with non positive news 🙂 Unfortunately no progress bar appears, nor the buttons get grayed out even for a second. After the modal request about confirming the import action, simply nothing happens. I though at a certain moment it could be an asyncronous problem, but Java and everything appear to be fine.
  10. No I don't, simply nothing appears after the mapping and the various import options.
  11. nothing - yet again no php errors or anything. It's becoming a bit of a hiccup just willing to test the new OSC with an old catalog!
  12. Sorry I meant the absolute path of the OScLink connector on the server. I believe I still need to debug. Despite mapping and connection being successful nothing happens once I begin to request imports.
  13. as it turns out it's IP related and probably and IP mirror avoidance system. Whitlisting the same IP address I'm on with the server fixed it and brought in a succseful connection.
  14. it's fine I'd rather debug the script atm. Speaking of which do you know where modules are stored at? being used to the old OSC structure I can't figure it out for the life of me!
  15. Thank you for testing that. My guess is that being both apps (the old OSC and the new) residing in 2 different instances of the same server, something goes wrong with either the absolute path, or the IP just mirroring itself. I just wrote to tech support to verify this, but I find it a very odd behaviour. An app shoud still be able to access the other, especially on the same server, just by using relatives