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    Question to Jak about Links Manager

    thanks a lot for your answer i have one final question what the RATING required to input when adding a link stands for?
  2. thank you jack very helpful you were right, by mistake i must have uploaded the wrong "links.php" to the admin and catalogue functions directories. now updated and it works fine cheers valeri
  3. if i disable the "reciprocal" links = false - it works OK i will check the files again as per your suggestion cheers
  4. i installed the contribution and when try to submit link i get the following message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: checkurl() in /homepages/22/d163301193/htdocs/printingcanvas/links_submit.php on line 74 i wonder what does create this message? any help would be appreciated cheers valeri
  5. jason, just clarify please. "missing dBase option" updtae form 10Dec2006 is not needed? cheers valeri
  6. dear jack, would you be able to give me a link to the contribution that is the latest update. i am a bit confused wich files to download since there are many updates there thanks valeri
  7. hi all, i am looking at good contribution for enabling customers to pay without account. i have installed the FEC contribution but i am not happy how it works with my SSL so, i am looking for other solutions thanks
  8. Hi all, I am looking at installing one the bellow 2 contributions: Which contribution is better: Purchase Without Account (PWA) or Fast Easy Checkout (FEC) Please give me suggestion which one is better to use. I do not mind easy or difficutl to install. Cheers Valeri
  9. valerif

    fast easy checkout

    the line is in the "form_check.js" just remove it from the end of the code or move it above the style tag hope this was helpful valeri