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  1. jon_l

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    Maybe I'm being stupid, but what advantages does this mod offer over the built in geo zones for payment and shipping modules?
  2. jon_l

    Oscommerce 3 and Wisiwig

    The addition of a wysiwyg editor to admin has been discussed before. If I remember correctly the problem was that there wasn't a decent editor available that would work on all browsers / platforms and it was decided not to add something that not everyone could use. There are a number of contributions for ms2 that add a wysiwyg editor and I'm sure some of these will be updated to run on the next release of osC.
  3. jon_l

    MS3 - Order DB schemas

    If you read my post you will see I referred to this and the solution. When an address is changed it would need to generate a new record, rather than updating the existing one. The current structure is wrong due to the amount of duplicated data it creates.
  4. jon_l

    MS3 - Order DB schemas

    You'd need to come up with a way for the customer to specify which products go where no matter how handle this - seperate or combined orders. There is potentially another use for these changes - they would help with handling orders that have to be shipped from multiple locations (especially drop shipping). This would require other changes, but it would at least handle part of the changes and make it easier for people to make the rest of the modifications. Are there any specific real life examples of where multiple shipping addresses would help? I ask as it might be better to start with the actual problem, rather than the solution. I'm not convinced many individuals would use the feature. If I'm buying gifts for various people on a website (eg Amazon), I'd place seperate orders for them. I'm not sure a company would do it any differently. I can see it being useful for where the customer wants to send exactly the same order to different addresses, especially for gifts. Implementing this might require a different implementation to the above.
  5. jon_l


    I'm pretty certain the button template file was included with MS2. Not sure about the latest alpha build though.
  6. jon_l

    MS3 - Order DB schemas

    There is no need for the customer to make seperate orders or seperate payments. The splitting in to seperate orders would be done after the order has been complete. I really can't see any benefit to a single order and multiple delivery addresses, no matter what. It would cause far too many problems, for example: - how would you track what had been shipped and when and what hadn't? - how would you generate seperate packing sheets / invoices? - how would you display everything on screen (in admin and catalog)? Changes are needed to the structure of the orders tables though. The payment fields should be split in to new table(s) as its pointless having fields for different payments types which won't always be used. All of the address fields should be split in to a new table. Alternatively it they could be changed to lookups to the address book table, but that would then need to be changed to point in time - with any changes generating new rows. This would also be the first change required to support any type of multiple delivery addresses implementation.
  7. jon_l

    MS3 - Order DB schemas

    I'm not sure that there is any practical way of changing the structure of the database for mutliple delivery addressed. It would be possible but it would make the orders very complicated and cause other problems. It would make a lot more sense to generate completely seperate orders where there is multiple delivery addresses. Jon.
  8. jon_l

    Payment surcharges

    You could use this feature to offer a discount for certain payment methods as well, all you would have to do is enter a negative discount. Though I'm also a bit unsure as to how much this feature would be used. I'd of thought the order total solution makes more sense, especially if you've got the credit class / gift voucher mod installed - the payment module could generate the discount voucher. Jon.
  9. jon_l

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    This isn't really an issue for discussion here, the issue is a flaw with realtime credit card processing and is nothing to do with the Order Editor mod. Having said that I do appreciate its an issue. I process all credit cards manually through my banks online system and its very time consuming. I'd like to automate it and I could, except I have a lot of advance orders which just doesn't work with realtime processing - the same as adding products doesn't. Its an issue which the payment processors and / or Mastercard and Visa need to address though. The way in which the Order Editor processes the order_totals values is flawed - as its hard coded rather than using the osC code which creates them when the order is first placed. I'm working on a re-write which will use the osC code instead - if successful all of the tax problems will be gone for good. Jon.
  10. jon_l

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Actually, the place to start is with checkout_process as this is where all of the order related classes get created then called before being written to the database. If you look at this you should be able to work out the way it works. I just had a look through it and it doesn't look like it will be too difficult, but it will take me a while to work it all out as I'm not that familiar with the code. The person who wrote checkout_process could probably do what we need very quickly. Again, I'm not an expert so I wouldn't take any of my comments as gospel! Jon.
  11. I installed the osc Afilliate contribution a few days ago, solely to monitor the performance of click through advertising. I've been looking at the click throughs and found something a bit concerning. There have been a number of click throughs with a browser of 'GoogleBot/2.1' with an ip address to match. This would suggest that the GoogleBot is in effect, clicking through on adwords links. I haven't checked as to whether I'm being charged for this yet, but why is the Googlebot even following the adwords links? Anyone else notice this? Am I misreading the information? Jon.
  12. jon_l

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Actually it shouldn't be necessary to copy any of the order_totals (or other) code from catalog as part of the install as you could just refer to it directly. There won't be any need to change the order_totals modules or any of the code on the catalog side. All you have to do is setup all of the variables with the relevant information that existed just before the order was placed, ie before the order_totals were created. It looks like the actual order_total modules themselves use variables setup by the order class, so it will be necessary to create the order class prior to calling the order_totals class / modules. At least that is how I see it. I'm not PHP expert but logically all we need to do is run the part of the checkout process that creates all of these values in the first place. Does that make sense? It would also be able to create the shipping values, but as some installs would have multiple shipping options it would be necessary to prompt for the correct shipping module to be selected. Though we'd also need to be able to offer an override, to manually change them. So in effect there would be a 'automatically update order_totals and shipping' button and a 'manual update' button. Jon.
  13. jon_l

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I guess the easiest thing is just to copy the order_total class in to admin, as part of the install. One issue I can see is that sometimes you might want the standard order_totals records. Though it shouldn't be too difficult to add an override so that they aren't generated automatically. I had a quick look at the code and it doesn't look like it will be too difficult to make the changes, more just a case of someone having the time to do it. I'll try and have a go over the weekend - I'll have to spend some time making changes for it to work for me so I might as well do this instead. Jon.
  14. jon_l

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I installed the order editor mod without any problems. But its calculating the tax incorrectly (for me). I don't use sub totals and its calculating a seperate tax value and deducting it from the total. I've had a quick look at the code and I'm confident I'll be able to alter it to suit my needs. However, maybe I'm being stupid but wouldn't it make sense to calculate all of the order_totals values through the order_total class rather than hard coding it all? That way, it would work perfectly for everyone - provided it calculates everything correctly when the customer places the order. It should be possible to use the order_total class to generate the correct values and then just alter them. I wouldn't of thought this would be that difficult, though it would probably take me a while to make the changes. Is there a good reason why it wasn't coded in this way? Jon.
  15. jon_l

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I haven't tried the Order Editor for a long time, as the last time I did there was a nasty bug. When you had a single (or maybe double) quote in a product name it ended up trashing all of the product names in the database. Has this bug been fixed? I had a look through the release notes and couldn't see anything. Does anyone have a test system they could try it out on? Thanks, Jon.