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  1. Ive searched and searched. Cant find this problem in the forums so here it is. I have option type features and attributes sets plus installed at the same time. Everything worked at one point. I must have made a small change somewhere. I cant get the price of the text attribute to be added to the final price when I add the product to the cart. Aside from that, everything seems to be working dandy. Any ideas? I can post code!
  2. darn... i double posted. sorry about that. anyway, heres an update. i emailed Fed Ex support for the Meter Number and they replied with the following: "That shipping module needs to be able to generate a meter number for you. If it will not you need to contact the department that supports that product for assistance." so my question is, is this tech wrong? if he's correct, why were some people able to obtain the meter number by calling Fed Ex? and where does that leave me?
  3. Im getting the "no meter id number" error as well. My client called FedEx and had no luck. They didnt know what she was talking about. Can someone who has gone through this tell me what number they called, who they talked to and how they got the meter ID number? (is it as simple as giving them the account number and having them assign one?) Thanks. Cant wait to get this resolved. :blink:
  4. Hi, Im having a problem with retrieving the meter id number as well. I had my client call up Fed Ex for this but she got nowhere. The people she was talking to had no idea what she was talking about. They emailed her an API implementation guide... but thats not what we need! Can someone who has been through this tell me what number you called and what department you spoke with? Is it as simple as giving the account number and asking for a corresponding meter id number? Just wanna get this thing resolved... :blink:
  5. mindfield

    Table Rate Module Wont Turn Off / Wont Install

    i fixed this... just went into the database under configuration... deleted all the instances of the table rate module. didnt hurt anything. i was able to reinstall as normal.
  6. Havent seen this issue on the forums yet... Somehow, while installing a contribution, my table rate module got "stuck". It shows that its activated, but where the attributes should be listed, it shows only the install button. So when I click install, nothing changes... i think its because OSCommerce already thinks this is installed. But it is somehow not working. My question is, how do I reset the table rate module? The contribution only changed the table.php files in language and modules folders. I never messed with the database, but Im thinking thats where I need to make the fix. I went into MySQL and found the Table Rate attributes under Configuration... do I delete all the table rate module attributes? (ie, Enable Table Method, Shipping Table, Table Method, Handling Fee, Tax Class, Shipping Zone, Sort Order) I noticed that these disappear whenever you uninstall a module. Im assuming I would also take out "table" from the Modules Installed. Anything else? And am I correct here? Will I hurt anything by doing this? Thanks... Walt
  7. mindfield

    [contribution] Member_Approval_v1.0

    I can create accounts and activate them through the admin. Works great! However, right after signing up, I think this is supposed to return me to the main page, but not log me in. Right? The problem is that it doesnt do this. Im logged in when I first sign up and I can order stuff. Everything else seems to be functioning. Once you log OUT, you cant log back in with your password until its approved through the admin. Ideas? (or am I just talking to myself?) Walt
  8. mindfield

    [contribution] Member_Approval_v1.0

    Hey, I found a post in the forums that the file tep_array_merge was renamed to 'array_merge'. So I went into members.php and changed two instances of the file to the new file name. Its too early to say everything is fixed, but Im no longer getting the error posted above. Now to play around with this and try to break it again. Walt
  9. mindfield

    [contribution] Member_Approval_v1.0

    Someone help, please. Ive installed this contribution onto 2.2MS2. But there appears to be no create_account_process.php file in the new version of OSC. So, where the instructions said to modify create_account_process.php, I found similar code in create_account.php and made the modifications there. This doesnt appear to have worked. :) The following is the error I'm getting: A larger copy is located at http://www.mindfieldmedia.com/error/osc_error.jpg, just in case you cant read the above. It reads "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_array_merge() in /home/***/public_html/catalog/admin/members.php on line 88 Does anything come to mind when looking at this? I can post the modified code, section by section if need be. There appears to be only two or three problem areas, but I'm not a great programmer (yet!) so I cant be sure. There may also be an issue with the login.php file, but one thing at a time. Thanks for any help! Walt[/url]
  10. mindfield

    [contribution] Member_Approval_v1.0

    This looks like a great contribution. Is it supposed to work with MS2? It looks like there are some differences. (if it doesnt, any hints?) Thanks, Walt
  11. Brendan, that was the problem. It works like a charm now... thanks, Walt
  12. Brenden, I get the same exact error that plmx does. Everything seems to be kosher with the file and directory set up. Ive double/triple checked everything. But when trying to open catalog/templates/main_page.tpl.php in my browser, I get this error ----- Warning: main(DIR_WS_INCLUDESmeta_tags.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/dvd2you/public_html/catalog/templates/main_page.tpl.php on line 5 Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'DIR_WS_INCLUDESmeta_tags.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/dvd2you/public_html/catalog/templates/main_page.tpl.php on line 5 ---- As an experiment, I eliminated the line referring to the meta_tags.php file (which Ive since replaced) and I got the same error for warnings.php. Is there something preventing the template from recognizing the new files in the includes directory? I should also add that this cart was installed by fantastico, but, as far as I know, everything should be kosher with that. I wonder though if plmx also installed with fantastico. Brenden, can you shed any light?