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  1. Thank you for your interest. I've installed Mr. Safran's "Ad Tracker (where did they come from?)" contribution, and there are 2 problems i've encountered: 1. It works fine at default.php?ad=whereicamefrom, but not at any other php (any other php that calls application_top.php). I've tried manufacturers, categories, products... no luck. My (amateur) guess is that it has something to do with the second ? after the .php ... 2. It completely fails on a (live) SSL-site!! Can anyone (who also uses or would like to use this contribution) help me out here? Maybe an update to this contribution?
  2. Ukracer, thanks for testing my contribution, 3 filenames were incorrect. It is fixed, download here:,851/page,2 These contain the 3 images you need. You can use 'table_background_products_new.gif' for 'whats new'. Hope this works
  3. Like i said, these are available... They include your :roll:
  4. :lol: hahahah!Yes, i know... but eventually the print will have to go neatly with a particular lay-out, not with the menu's and everything. After implementing and configuring the affiliate module, i'll try some more. Not a bad idea though, just use the code that's called in a (sub)category...
  5. Nice... will you be doing this? 'cause there's no way i can program that... I still don't see how to make a list of all the products from 1 category :!: If this is made possible, i can make the printable catalog divided into categories, or even an TOC... This really is 'priority 1' (for me at least). How neatly the print goes, is more like 'priority 2'. :xmas:
  6. Hi Kim, Please remember that it is for printing, so why not collect all products in 1 category into 1 page, for every category a page? I want to help, but my programming skills are also limited, sorry...
  7. agreed... description is out of the question. Model-name, or tax-class perhaps...? But the price is indeed a good and simple add-on... And yes, why not call it 'quickupdate' :wink:
  8. Thanks! That's exactly what I was aiming for!! :mrgreen:
  9. Here we go... No buttons, but: I posted our header images as a contribution available for download here:,799/type,5 You can easily overwrite your old cartoonish header images with these. Note that these images are made on a white background... I (or someone else) could make them with a transparant background, if enough users are interested. Place your comments here, pm me, whatever, I could use the feedback! 8)
  10. I called the link in column_left 'voorraadbeheer'...
  11. Hi Mattice, First of all, this contribution is great! Easy to implement, immediatly works. Second, i did a little rebuilding to make your contribution fit in column_left.php. Added the header.php, and footer.php to make it a little more of osC-style. Third, i translated the file for our administration, but what needs to be implemented for a future release is the link with a additional php in de languages directories. If you're ok with it, i can implement these (small) features and pass the update to you, or directly to osC. Let me know what you think.
  12. Hi all, :whaasup: Albavaro, nice buttons... :bigups: For all: I have constructed more 'professional' and a little less 'cartoonish' icons, header pics, etc. We didn't like the cartoons. If multiple serious osC users are interested in this design (programmers for instance, who aren't very good @ design), I can post them as a contribution here. I have to consult with my partner however concerning copyright, but if there are enough users who are really interested, he will co?perate. Let me know on this forum, or PM me... :thumbsup:
  13. Elari, Great work! I am trying to implement 'customer status v.2', so far so good. Had to add the following columns in table 'orders'(for purchasing a product, it displayed an error 'column not found'): But the real problem: when adding a status for, let's say, a new customer, and assign him/her to a discount of 10%, this discount is nowhere to be found! And when buying a product it does not give any discount! However, total-order-discount works excellent.
  14. Elari, I don't even know where to begin with this contribution... Are you certain you won't make a loaded snapshot? :cry: It would make things so much easier for those people (like me) who don't have the time or knowledge to dive into your project.