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  1. pollywog_uk

    Paypal Redirect, payment without order

    I've just dissabled the auto return settings in my paypal account and it seams to have solved the problem for now. In your paypal account go to: Profile: Selling Preferences: Website Payment Preferences: Auto Return - off
  2. pollywog_uk

    Paypal Redirect, payment without order

    I both, I've just started to have the same problem, any help would be very much apreciated.
  3. pollywog_uk

    Paypal not adding shipping

    woot I got it :D Thank you very much. It took me a while to work out how to get into shipping on Paypal but I've got it. to confirm in your Paypal account go to: Profile Postage Calculations Allow transaction-based delivery settings to override profile settings.
  4. pollywog_uk

    Shipping not rolling over to Paypal

    I'm having the exact same trouble on my shop, I'm still looking for the answer so if anybody can help it would be much appreciated here too.
  5. pollywog_uk

    Paypal not adding shipping

    thanks but I've checked that and it's still not working, as I said oreviously it is transfering the item value across to paypal but not the shipping value.
  6. pollywog_uk

    Paypal not adding shipping

    Hi Guys & Gals, I'm having a slight problem with payal not adding the shipping charge and just charging my customers the product price. Nochex is working fine as is the Cheque / Money Order option. Any help would be greatly apreciated.