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  1. Surfalot - I haven't seen anyone using MorePics6 1.1 edition for it, but just wondering if it's possible without me having to go in and dig through. I am sure that there is an easy way out of it and just snag the more_pics module from product_info page and input it inside the popups? Much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Dr_DK

    osPlayer v2

    Does anyone have a working FLA file for OsPlayer? I have downloaed all of them and each FLA file comes as an error once opened in Flash... Anyone? Thanks.
  3. Great contribution. Did anyone manage to show small thumbnails of all the images on the PopUp page? Thanks in advance.
  4. Dan, Nice work there buddy. I like what I read but haven't tried it yet. I have a question for you. Have you made an admin mode where a customer goes through the checkout process and want to receive shipping quote, you get that order notification, get the shipping quote, send it to the customer, customer then clicks on "I ACCEPT" or whatever button and it just then processes their actual order and charges them for the total amount with the shipping? THank you in advance.
  5. Dr_DK

    Easy Populate - Display Cart?

    Weird. I add it from the admin and it works fine, I add it from the CSV file and it also shows some items are disabled (on CSV they are ACTIVE) and it just won't work with the buy now button from within product_listing.php?
  6. Hi all, I re-searched the forums and google but couldn't find this answer. Simply when you set Display Cart After Adding Product to FALSE and upload your products via Easy Populate the BUY NOW button takes you to PRODUCT_INFO.PHP which it shouldn't. It should just add it to cart without going to info page. But if I add any product manually through the admin page, it works fine? Anyone has a fix for this? Thanks.
  7. Dr_DK

    [contribution] STS PLUS v4

    Chris, Thanks bro. It looks like I'll be needed to hardcode and dig in the product_listing.php to modify the look & feel. Thanks again.!
  8. Dr_DK

    Customized Product Listing?

    Mine is going to be messy and not so good since 35% of my osc coding is customized. Well the set up rather simple if you look at it more. The product listing cases just draw data from the dB and create the cells you select within admin. So my workaround was combining and editing some of the php within each case to make my own look & style. Ex: case NAME take the lc_text from case PRICE and put it next to or at the end of case Name right before the ending '; on there you can add < br > in between but you'll get the idea. :-) If I get more time maybe I should make a contribution from within admin on setting it up as part of the template or make it add-on for STS... Happy coding.
  9. Dr_DK

    Customized Product Listing?

    Never mind. I was playing in products_listing.php long enough and got it to work. Thanks for the help all.
  10. Dr_DK

    Customized Product Listing?

    ddp - thanks. That would however only help for product_info.php under product description which is really not a big fix. I am playing around in product_listing.php and I am able to change it a bit but just can't find there to do valign=top fo the cells since they all seem to be at default and they have regular align left right center but no valign any help appreciated!
  11. Dr_DK

    Customized Product Listing?

    Does anyone have any tips?
  12. Dr_DK

    [contribution] STS PLUS v4

    Chris, Looks good. Good job! Is there any way to make it so that product_listing.php can be modified with it as well?
  13. Dr_DK

    Customized Product Listing?

    Something else I am not getting where the information for tables is stored from product_listing.php???
  14. Dr_DK

    Customized Product Listing?

    So that instead of 5 columns I want to have 2 columns with 3 rows... Thanks again...
  15. Dr_DK

    Customized Product Listing?

    Kwalker, Thanks for the input. I have tried searching not only contributions but even googled it and no luck so far. i want to change the design of the product_listing.php so that I see: Product Thumbnail :|: Product Name - :|: Product Price - Add To Cart :|: Product description So if you know of some fixes or contribs that would be great. Thanks again.
  16. I have a problem with the More Cat. contribution. For some reason the main first category is showing on each box and I am not sure why? Anyone having same problem or a fix? Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello all, 1. Does anyone happen to know of a contribution or a way to add more than 16 images for each product? 2. Is there a way to group product attributes so that you don't have to apply same option 25 times per each product? All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Dr_DK

    HELP! Nothing's showing...

    Is big images 1.24 compatible with MS2??? or is it just for MS1???
  19. I've installed and edited everything for Big Images 1.24... On the admin/categories.php file, nothing is showing up!!! I go to admin page, and click on Catalog, nothings in the main section, I click on Categories/Products, nothing is in there too. No buttons/fiels for add new categorie, or add new product... Can somebody help?!?!?! Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Dr. DK
  20. I uploaded and replaced all the original files with the ones that came with Big Images, and also ran the sql fix! Now when I go into the Admin, and click on Catalog, there is nothing there. I click on Categories/Products, nothing there as well. No fields/buttons for add new product, or add new categorie!!! Is there something wrong with the file that came with 1.24 in admin -> categories.php??? Can someone post the whole code from their categories.php? if that wouldn't be too much trouble please... :? Thanks for all the help in advance! :) Sincerely, Dr. DK