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  1. Dr. DK

    [contribution] Total B2B

    I have installed the contrib, but I am having problems where in my ADMIN I only see TotalB2B under configuration and once I click it it's empty??? Any suggestions??? Am I supposed to get it somewhere else? I am also using STS on MS2. HELP PLEASE! :-) Thanks in advance!
  2. I think that there is a problem in the newest file (d), which has duplicate class functions inside the general.php and add_ccgvdc_application_top.php, so as a class can only be registered to PHP once, PHP suddenly interrupts and drops the error message! Anyone has a quick fix for it?
  3. There really isn't any fix for this anywhere, searched the forums through and coundn't find anything on it!
  4. I have the same problem as many people that have wrote it about the error message for: On site: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare create_coupon_code() (previously declared in /home/site/public_html/osc/includes/functions/general.php:17) in /home/site/public_html/osc/includes/add_ccgvdc_application_top.php on line 36 On admin: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare create_coupon_code() (previously declared in /home/site/public_html/osc/admin/includes/functions/general.php:18) in /home/site/public_html/osc/admin/includes/add_ccgvdc_application_top.php on line 25 Has anyone found a fix for this problem? The more I look into it, the general and applicatio_top share the same code for create_coupon_code() and many others...? Not sure how to fix this, if anyone has a fix it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  5. Dr. DK

    Search Fields

    One thing that I cannot seem to figure out is the error " At least one of the fields in the search form must be entered." Anyone have any ideas on how to remove it so for example only a search for size or color can be performed without the keywords? Thanks.
  6. Dr. DK

    Search Fields

    Hi all... Search all over for a neat contrib, but haven't found a match. Does anyone know of a good contribution to be used for search by product size, color, etc...? Thanks in advance!
  7. How come that UltraImages have no upload available in Admin panel? Does anyone have a fix for this? Cause right now, all I can do is just write the name of image in the empty box, I can't click on Browse and upload the image? Weird... Thanks in advance!
  8. I just went in manually and changed the product_info page! Thanks.
  9. I'm trying to add more images underneath the tag for "$imagesmall"! How can I define my other images that I'm using from UltraImage contributions in my custom product_info pages? Any has any ideas?
  10. Dr. DK

    More Small Images?

    I found a site that's using what I'm trying to do: http://www.cribfx.com/catalog/product_info...58bb6fa59ed409e
  11. Does anyone know how to add more images with STS or perhaps using UltraImages contribution and have more images displayed underneath the product? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  12. Dr. DK

    Multiple Images

    Thanks! I was looking at the More Pics 6 contribution myself, but haven't tested eighter one of them! Thanks again on the fast reply.
  13. Dr. DK

    Multiple Images

    Hello all, I am running new Ms2 and STS and trying to figure out how to achieve the following example: http://www.oldworldcharms.net/catalog/art-...3961cf2b8ea3cc5 Please note how they did 4 different images for pop-ups per product. Now I need to achieve the same, but be able to actually add products and pictures from the admin section? Is there a contribution for this? Thanks!!!
  14. Just did the Template install for admin as instructed by JAXX but no great luck! My admin gives me no hope as it worked fine while I was crunching number templates per each product. Here's the error in admin: 1054 - Unknown column 'pd.products_head_title_tag' in 'field list' select p.products_id, pd.language_id, pd.products_name, pd.products_description, pd.products_head_title_tag, pd.products_head_desc_tag, pd.products_head_keywords_tag, pd.products_url, pd.products_sts_templ_filename, p.products_quantity, p.products_model, p.products_image, p.products_price, p.products_weight, p.products_date_added, p.products_last_modified, p.products_date_available, p.products_status, p.manufacturers_id from products p, products_description pd where p.products_id = pd.products_id and p.products_id = '30' [TEP STOP]
  15. Got the quantity to work as well. Just a fix in application_top and used input field!