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  1. theornamentqueen

    Ship In Cart

    If you still need help, I just figured this out myself... Log into your PHPAdmin (mine is in control panel > PHP database > PHPmyAdmin) then you open the database you are wanting to look at. On mine on the left hand side is a list I clicked on "configuration_group" and it showed me a list of all the query's mine went to 15. After installing, I checked again and mine went from 15 then showed the shopping cart as 19, so I guess it worked!
  2. theornamentqueen

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Thank you so much! I did just as you said, and when you copy and "link" the item in two categories it is in EP on two lines with the same model number and shows the two different categories. I wasn't able to discern a difference in the downloaded EP file, however, between when you "link" the item in two categories and when you "duplicate" it. The output looked identical to me. However, when I wanted to duplicate an item in EP, (show up as 2 separate items rather than just linked to two different categories), I added a code to the model number, and it worked out fine. Thanks again! :thumbsup: Linda
  3. theornamentqueen

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Hello, I have installed EP 2.76 and it is great! I have got it working to upload lots of products... I have tried to go through the other versions of EP (and this forum) to see if there is a version that will help me. I need to be able to have products be in multiple "top level" categories. I already have them uploading into a top level category and sub categories. Anyone able to give me some advice or give me some direction on how to modify the files to achieve this goal? Thanks! Linda Wilson
  4. theornamentqueen

    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    Excellent! Thanks so much for such a clear and concise contribution! It is wonderful and just what I needed! Installation was a breeze, (well a breeze after I quit making a really stupid error, lol!) and the manual is first rate! I am working on the last bits of config, then my store will be ready to go live, hopefully by mid Sept. Thanks again....... I am one happy camper tonight! :D Linda