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  1. Hamada

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Sorry, that i have the personal support. :( The menu working not normally. Let me explain. The navigation have four menu with icons, than have the nenu many submenus and so on. If i click the icon at the first menu then open the submenu. If i click the description "Weinsorten" then dont open the submenu. Someplace do the tag <a href="site.thm">Menu</a> Menu in so?s place <a href="site.htm"><img src="button1.jpg" alt="Menu"></a> But I have it not found the place in your file "dm_categories.php" Best regards J?rgen
  2. Hamada

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Cant me nobody help?? J?rgen
  3. Hamada

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Hi, sorry my very bad englisch. I have a shop with the treemenu and it will not working. This is my configuration from dm_catergories.php // BEGIN Configuration Options // Set the value below corresponding to the type of menu you want to render // 0 = Horizontal Drop-down; 1 = Vertical Flyout; 2 = Tree Menu; // 3 = Plain Horizontal Menu; 4 = Plain Vertical Menu // Include the appropriate stylesheet in your store stylesheet, and if rendering // types '0' or '1', you must also echo (output) the "menu footer" variable // in your store footer as described in the readme (or submenus won't work) $menu_type = 2; // Set to false to display the menu output only. Set to true to display in // a regular box. The former is useful for better integrating the menu with your layout. $show_dmcats_as_box = true; // Set to 'true' to assign TITLE tags to each of the menu's items, 'false' to leave blank $menu_use_titles = false; // Name of the icon file to be used preceding menu items. Leave blank for no icons. // NOTE: Does not apply to plain style menus. Icon should be in the /images directory $menu_icon_file = ''; // Width and height of icons used in menus (does not apply to plain menus). $menu_icon_width = 16; $menu_icon_height = 16; // Set the graphic to be used for the forward arrow and down arrow images used in // drop-down and fly-out menus. Images must reside in your catalog's /images directory $menu_fwdarrowimg = 'forward-arrow.png'; $menu_downarrowimg = 'down-arrow.png'; // Indicates whether or not to render your entire category list or just the root categories // and the currently selected submenu tree. Rendering the full list is useful for dynamic menu // generation where you want the user to have instant access to all categories. The other option // is the default oSC behaviour, when the subcats aren't available until the parent is clicked, // more suitable for plain-style menus $show_full_tree = true; // For tree menus, set to true to have only nodes corresponding to the current category path // expanded. If set to false, the tree menu will retain expanded/collapse nodes the user has // selected (as well as expanding any for categories they've entered) $menu_tree_current_path = true; // Set the three numerical values below to adjust the offset of submenus in // horizontal drop-down and vertical fly-out menus. Values adjust the following (in order) // Top Offset: # of pixels from top border of previous menu the submenu appears // Right Offset: # of pixels from right border of previous menu the submenu appears // Left Offset: # of pixels from left border of previous menu the submenu appears // if the submenu pops to left (i.e. if window border is reached). Negative values are allowed. $menu_layer_offset = array (0,4,4); // Show icons on tree menus? If set to false, only expand/collapse icons and connecting lines are shown $GLOBALS['dm_tree_folder_icons'] = false; // This is the HTML that you would like to appear before/after your categories menu if *not* // displaying in a standard "box". This is useful for reconciling tables or clearing // floats, depending on your layout needs. For example if not including in a box in the // default osC template, you would need opening/closing <tr><td> tags... $before_nobox_html = ''; $after_nobox_html = ''; // Use this option if you have a *lot* of subcategories in a DHTML style menu and your // submenus won't fit on the page. Set $divide_subcats to the max # of subcategories you want // to display. The menu will show a "more..." link and display the remaining subcategories // under that selection. Leave at "0" to not divide your subcategories. $divide_subcats = 0; // The text you want to display to indicate more subcategories are available // This can be set a string or to a language constant you define. $divide_subcats_text = 'mehr...'; // END Configuration Options The categories is follow: +categorie 1 ------subcategorie 1 ------subcategorie 2 ------subcategorie 3 +categorie 2 ------+subcategorie 1 ----------subsubcategorie 1 ----------subsubcategorie 2 ------+subcatergorie 2 and so on +categorie 3 and the Problem is. 1.1 click categorie 1 dont open the subcategorie. 1.2 click at the sign "+" open the subcategorie. 3. Click at the sign "+" and categorie 2 open the subcategorie. What must i done that open the subcategorie with click the sign "+" and categorie 1 just as 3. Thx J?rgen