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  1. it is not processing the second part of this statement part of the time. I will leave it to you theoreticians and code mongers to tell us why not but I fixed it this way Rather than doing this or hardcoding the <form> tag like I suggested in an earlier post, I think I have found what was really wrong with login.php when trying to login using SSL. I'm pretty sure there was an error in the way the form action was written. Here's what I did to fix it. Change the following line... from <?php echo tep_draw_form('login', 'login.php?action=process'); ?> to <?php echo tep_draw_form('login', FILENAME_LOGIN, 'action=process'); ?> I just formatted the form action the same way the rest of the forms are in osCommerce. Alternately, you could change it... from <?php echo tep_draw_form('login', 'login.php?action=process'); ?> to <?php echo tep_draw_form('login', login.php, 'action=process'); ?> Either works fine and will work using SSL, allowing you to login without any problems. :D Keith
  2. I get this when I first go to the admin/index.php You need to add the following line to admin/includes/filenames.php: define('FILENAME_LOGIN', 'login.php'); :D Keith
  3. Thank you for the advice! I had been searching through this thread for something on SSL, but I guess I must have missed it. I tried the fix out and it worked great! Thanks again! :D Keith
  4. I'm having trouble getting this to work on a secure server. My admin area works fine unless the option to have WYSIWYG running is on. When it is enabled, I get a notification on the categories page and the other pages withing the WYSIWYG editor, that says that some items on the page are non secure. Is there a setting to change to make everything load from my secure SSL server? Thanks! :D Keith
  5. Oops, I slipped up with my code there. SORRY! Change the following line in login.php: from <?php echo tep_draw_form('login', 'login.php?action=process'); ?> to <form name="login" action="https://ssl.secure.com/mysite.com/admin/login.php?action=process?" method="post"> You have to configure the URL to work with your secure site. Hope this helps someone! :D Keith[/code]
  6. I figured out how to login using SSL! First load up the non secure version of the page in your browser and view source. Go down to this line: Notice how the form DOES NOT post the osCAdminID. Now, change your configure.php so that the admin section, define('ENABLE_SSL', 'true'); so that it will load up on your secure server and then view source from your browser. Go down to the same line: Notice how when it is loaded securely, the osCAdminID DOES get posted from the form. This is why when the login page is secured, it just keeps going in a loop and never logs in. Here's what I did... I changed the following line in login.php from <?php echo tep_draw_form('login', 'login.php?action=process'); ?> to <form name="login" action="https://ssl.absolutenet.com/lillypadshop.com/admin/login.php?action=process?osCAdminID=d4c1fc250380169dcd9ec78213eb01c2" method="post"> With this I can log in fine, but I am new to osCommerce and I'm not sure if the site is still secure or now. When I'm in the admin section I see the padlock at the bottom and I stay on my secure server. Let me know if this works for anyone and if there's anything wrong with what I did. Hope this helps! :D Keith
  7. SSL is not working... :cry: I?ve installed this contribution and everything is working great. I do have one problem, though, which hasn?t been discussed at all and I wanted to ask you if anyone had any ideas. I can?t get the login to work with SSL. I can log in fine without going through a secure site, but when I enable SSL, whenever I click ?Confirm? it just reloads the login page with something like this: https://ssl.secure.com/domain.com/admin/log...btt0aa77ee3cbce I looked at the sources on both the SSL and the NONSSL version. I looked at the form that was sending the info and they are both exactly the same except for the difference in the URL. The rest of my site works fine with the secure server, but I just can?t seem to get this log in to work. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! =) Keith
  8. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has been able to successfully use Admin with Access levels with SSL? I'm using 2.0 on MS2 and I can get the login page to load in my secure domain, but when I submit the form with my email and password it just reloads the page and won't log me in. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :D Keith
  9. Hi, I have everything installed for 1.7 on MS2 and it's all working great except for one thing. I can upload images, but when I try to resize them when I upload them, using the "Resize to:" field, I get the folloing error: [b]Warning:[/b] Cannot execute using backquotes in safemode in [b]/usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/lillypadshop.com/httpdocs/admin/htmlarea/popups/lister.php[/b] on line [b]373[/b] I haven't had any problems like this with any other part of my site. Do you have any suggestions or has anyone else ever encountered this problem? Thanks! :D Keith