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  1. orion7_11

    Basic Blue Template

    Got it working thanks. it actually was only the two width %'s....
  2. orion7_11

    Basic Blue Template

    i tried actually with success since my first post. However, I'm stumped on product_info I can't seem to find the differences.... I have alot of mods on that one and I can't recall what was original, what i've modded, and what this template is calling for exactly.
  3. orion7_11

    Basic Blue Template

    I have always used your template in the past. However, I am wanting to upgrade an exsisting modified site to your theme. I can't overwrite the php files though as they have all been modified. Is there any way you can tell me what code to change in the 4 php files to install?
  4. orion7_11

    Transaction #

    I am wanting to know if there is away to return the transaction # from Authorize.net to OSC? I wanted it to print on the invoice. Any suggestions?