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    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Just wondering if anyone has done a Price Grabber feeder yet? looked through the forums but didn't see any completed yet.
  2. I have a cart that has several products available. 2 of them must be purchased in groups of 6 or more. Each of these 2 products have attributes to choose from, so they could choose like 4 cans of mint and 2 cans of wintergreen to make their total of 6. I installed the Minimum Total Order Quantity which works great but I just need to limit the minimum order notice to when a customer has one of 2 specific product ids in their cart and they haven't ordered 6 of them. does anyone know of a way to add some code to the module so that it will check if those two products ids are in the cart as well as get the count of items in the cart? Thanks, Stephanie
  3. valleycat

    A new contrib

    I need something like this but it is actually simpler. All I need is a "B" attached onto the model number if someone chooses a "built and painted". The site sells model kits and you can get them "as a kit" or "built and Painted". Those are the only 2 options/attributes the site uses. I just don't know how/where I could code it so that if the customer selects the option "built and painted" a B is added onto the end of the model number. The model numbers look like this: 021PP04 (as a kit) 021PP04B (built and painted) The company exports their orders into their MOM software and it doesnt pull in the attributes field so the best way to disguingish what the customer is ordering is by the model number. Can anyone help out on this? Thanks!
  4. Never mind, figured out how to do this myself. :D
  5. I'm using the discounted shipping mod by Ray Flores and it works great. My problem is I also need a different set of rates for orders outside of the US/Canada (Client wants US and Canada to be the local rate and everywhere else to be the international rate) For instance they charge $5 for the first item and $2.50 for each additional item for US/Canada, and charge $15 for the first item on international orders and $5 for each additional. Has anyone done somethng like this yet?