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  1. lloth

    free shipping by categories support

    K... I fixed the problems. I dumped the table with the old data from the database, and reinstalled the module which put the new data in. That fixed the problems with the category selection and with the radio button. Hooray! But... I'm offering free shipping on salt and pepper shakers, category 56. If someone adds shakers to their cart, I want the shipping to be free. However, if someone adds a cookie jar too, I do NOT want the entire order to be shipped free. Unfortunately, at this moment, that's exactly what happens. Any item added to the cart from the selected "free shipping" category makes the whole order free, no matter what else is added to the cart. Is that the way this is supposed to work? I would think it would be better if non-category items had their normal shipping price charged, in the event of a "mixed cart". Wouldn't that make sense? Michelle
  2. lloth

    free shipping by categories support

    Thanks for the contribution. This fills a real need for us, and I hope to be able to get it operational very soon. The install process went fine. I originally installed the first version uploaded. Although it installed without issue it seemed, the problem we saw was that once an item from the appropriate category was added to the shopping cart, the Free Shipping option was there, but there was no radio button to select it! Nothing I did seemed to fix that, and I ultimately uninstalled the module because of it. We just installed the newer version, and I'm having the same problem. The free shipping option is on the checkout page, in the right place, with no way to select it. All the other shipping choices are fine. Also, the new version is supposed to have a category multiselect, but somehow, information from the former install seems to be cached in the database, or somewhere. The freecat adminstration module still displays in the configuration options "Category List" and wants me to input the categories with commas as before. I checked the newly uploaded freecats english definition file and the freecats module file, and they are the new ones and don't even HAVE the word "commas" in them. I have NO idea where that data is coming from. I did notice that the category list field still had the category number I had input from the first install, so whereever that data is being held... it's stuck. *Wierd* So... the lack of radio button is the really big deal, but the old data despite the newly replaced freecat files is baffling me. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  3. lloth

    Google Checkout Level 2

    Derrick, I'm afraid my issue may have gotten lost on the first page. The error I'm seeing is: Fatal error: Error calling function "CreateItem()": Missing Parameter: "$item_description" must be provided. in /home/story7/public_html/includes/functions/GlobalAPIFunctions.php on line 419 (the complete details are in my first post) It seems at least three other people are seeing the same thing in their install. If you get a chance to address this error, we would all appreciate it, I'm sure. Thanks, Michelle
  4. lloth

    Google Checkout Level 2

    My general way of approaching new contributions is to add them to my existing setup without enabling/activating them, look everything over to make sure the site is still stable, and then activate them module and begin testing functionality. In this case, I can't have the google checkout module installed and turned off without my shopping cart being broken. I need to address that first, and then go forward with testing. If any perimeters in one or more of the functions files need to be set, it would be helpful to know from the author of the contribution exactly what modifications are required. Michelle
  5. lloth

    Google Checkout Level 2

    First of all, thanks so much for creating this contribution. I know a lot of us have high hopes for this service as a PayPal alternative. My SQL install was flawless, and the changes to the shopping_cart.php were minor and painless. I configured the Administration side of Google checkout, adding our merchant ID and key, and changing to the production server, but didn't activate the module until I checked to make sure all was still right with the world. When I added an item to my shopping cart, and then attempted to view the cart, I got this error: Fatal error: Error calling function "CreateItem()": Missing Parameter: "$item_description" must be provided. in /home/story7/public_html/includes/functions/GlobalAPIFunctions.php on line 419 The files are there, where they are supposed to be, and I didn't get any sense from the install instuctions that they required any editing, so I'm stuck at this point. I've checked my server and as far as I see, we meet the requirements to run this contribution just fine. Any thoughts? Michelle