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  1. jetez_la_vache

    GBuy... who is working on a Mod?

    thanks Mediajuggle. And thanks Graith for clarifying what the levels are. It's quite helpful.
  2. jetez_la_vache

    GBuy... who is working on a Mod?

    Hi! First I'd like to know if what is called "level 2" works for OsC version 2.2. This is unclear for the novice. It sounds kind of miraculous than within 10 minutes there should be several sales in a store that has just installed Google Checkout, since hardly anyone is registered with Google checkout at this point.. But why not. I have no problem helping feeding kids if I can also feed myself in the process. Just like oxygen masks on airplanes. You have to adjust yours first before you adjust the kid's. How much is this tool, and will it work for my OSC version 2.2? I don't see the price on the website I'm not expecting a rush of buyers within ten minutes, but more like next month or so, since the shopping cart site is hardly designed.
  3. jetez_la_vache

    GBuy... who is working on a Mod?

    A message to abbat, Hi! this is my very first post here, and I hadn't seen a shopping cart, or even php coding, until 3 days ago. So please bear with me. I can do good html and I've edited applets, javascripts and VRML code in the past, when I had to. So I'm ready to do it for the cart, because I really want to make this work. I downloaded your module and it's not installing anything. I was able to upload all the files in the catalog area as you instructed, the libraries you mentioned are there, and I could enter my Google checkout merchant ID and key into the code. The OS version I have is 2.2, and it comes with ixwebhosting. Your module is for version 1. So this may be the reason why. I looked at the payment module in the OS shopping cart, and all the phps for all the different companies are there. So when the files are uploaded in "catalog" it's probably not enough. However, when I upload the Google Checkout php file into the payment module, the system refuses it, and gives me an error message for ALL the other modes of payment. So it's not working. If you can help, or someone can help, I'll appreciate since I have 2 weeks this Summer when I have more time than usual to do this., and then I'll be working like a dog again. I went to the Google checkout blog and they advised coming here for help