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  1. I tried to install the CCC but every time i try to add a custom build pc to my cart it stops working. I took the custom_checkout that came with the contrib but I can't get it to work. It's the contrib with the custom build where you have to choose between intel and amd, but when you say "add to cart" it jumps to the build of an intel pc and it doesn't add the custom pc to the shopping cart. Anybody who has an idee how to solve that, it would mean a great deal to me. here is the link to my shop if you want to see what goes wrong: the site is in dutch, but the build page is still english/dutch so you should be able to test even if you aren't speaking dutch. Greetz
  2. Hi, my problem is the following. When i try to load up my files, i have to do it manually to my temp directory. Then when i try to import them i get this: That's about all I get, and nothing happens, not one single product gets to the dbase, anyone who knows how to solve this problem