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  1. osCommerce 2.2-MS2 with User Tracking with Admin 1.34 incl German hello, i've got the following problem: the mod works fine. the def-language of the admin area is "german". But when i navigate inside the "User Tracking" (user_tracking.php) in the admin tool, the hole admin-section switches to english language after the second click (second time the user_tracking.php is parsed). maybe someone can help me. many thanx to all coders for this mod!!! Reinhard Koch
  2. rkoch

    Best Sellers Content Box v1.0

    Hello, i think, I found a bug: If the price listing of Your shop is inclusve taxes. The "Best Sellers Box" displays the prices without. I modified the SQL.Queries on line 22 and 24: " select ... p.products_tax_class_id from .." Otherwise the "$best_sellers['products_tax_class_id']" which is used for $currencies->display_price(...) on line 34 is "not set" / 0.