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  1. suffolk

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Hi, I've been using this extremely useful contrib for some time now, and as a result, i've noticed some interesting connections to my site. Basically, the 'customer' behaves like a 'bot, working it's way through the pages of the site 24 x 7, it doesn't have a session ID, or appear to go anywhere it shouldn't -BUT! It's IP keeps changing! It cycles through various sets of IP's ranging from Yahoo bot to private/ISP/Google addresses. Obviously there's some sort of spoofing going on here, the question is, how to stop it! - I tried banning the individual IP's, but it just adopted new ones, it only makes a database query every 30-40 seconds, so it's not tripping any DOS alarms on the server/firewall. Has anyone else seen anything similar, or have any ideas about what this could be (and how to stop it)???
  2. suffolk

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    Hi, Firstly, this is a great contribution, and really adds to the usefulness of our shop. I've been using the RM module for some time, without any problems, and have just added the Business Post (due to the fact that RM are getting worse at delivering stuff every day!), and have found a couple of small problems: 1) My tracking numbers are 14 digits long (which I sorted out) 2) The module works fine for items that are delivered and in transit, but doesn't return any information for parcels in 'other' states (i.e. not booked into BP's server). from my experience with the RM module, this is because the site is returning info that is not understood. However, I can't figure out what! Try: 30542020000087 for an example. Suggestions etc. welcomed! Also, a suggestion for a mod. (which I will probably make to my version) use a constant for the account info, (i.e. the 1st 7 numbers of the (in my case) 14 digits) and then allow the remaining characters to be typed, padding to 7 with zeros, which, when added to the end of the A/C number will make 14 digits.